Making friends.....

Hi. I just started joining. Looking to make friends. I’m into clean eating and have been making up my own dishes throughout the yrs. I’m a bit of an OCD and have struggle with anxiety. To the point where I became afraid of food at one point in my life. I try to workout as much as possible but I know 80% is made in the kitchen. ☺️


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    Good luck! Feel free to add me 😊
  • dowdybrittney
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    Hi! I'm looking for some new friends. I'm 34 with 2 kids, a 5 and 2 yr old. I'm active on MFP with daily posts and encouragement. FR me if you want to be friends. Good luck!
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    I know I'm a bit older, but I'd love to be your friend
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    You are absolutely correct, the majority of your health is started right in the kitchen. I think once you establish the foods that hurt Vs the foods that heal. It might help to ease your mind a-bit about food in general.
    Just a suggestion.
    By the way. Welcome!
    I am here to make new friends also
    Nice to meet you.
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    You do right about the kitchen!! Since starting my battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 10 years ago and struggling with the VA doctors who don’t u derstand the disease at all my weight had ballooned out of control from the 180’s to 250 until Jan this year 2019. I have a complicated problem with exercise as it causes crashes in my fatigue that lands me in bed so I had to change my lifestyle in mind then the kitchen also and I’m back down to 207 now and still losing about a pound a week. So very good advice and thanks for sharing!! Feel free to friend me if you like. 😄
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    I want to make New friend here, so I can catch up with you New friend and I love the community here.
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    I am "new again" to MFP. I had to redo my profile after losing my old one. I am starting the journey again. I am doing intermittent fasting right now but within the next week I am preparing to go LCHF. I have done it once before with decent results but for me once I strayed from MFP I struggled. I need to be held accountable, make friends that will encourage and learn new recipes etc. Welcome
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    Good morning to all my MFPs. Take a look at my breakfast. 1 slice gluten-free bread (18g carbs), organic unsweetened spicy ketchup (2g carbs), grilled onion, 1 turkey patty, and top it off with iceberg lettuce. I forgot to put in ultra slice Swiss cheese 😕 and i also normally use 1 thin slice of tomato because I ran out. My pre workout meal.
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    Where is the top?
    Convertible burger?
    Looks delish!
  • LilyDaySpa
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    Yeah I like to feel the wind blow through my hair while I’m grubbing 🤣
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    My corner of the kitchen haha I was told the same though that abs are made in the kitchen:)bti3jit1c4jo.jpeg
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    Hey everyone feel free to add me, my phones is being weird so I’m not able to add you guys! 😜
    Looking for encouragement and accountability 😁
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    dlbohl1991 wrote: »
    My corner of the kitchen haha I was told the same though that abs are made in the kitchen:)bti3jit1c4jo.jpeg

    That’s a very nice corner kitchen ☺️

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    Feel free to add me. I am working on the clean eating and try to stay active.
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    Please add me, you guys! I’m just getting back into the hang of things after starting a new job and falling off the wagon last year. I need all the motivation I can get.
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    Active Aussie here keento improve my bad habits doin ok so far
  • LilyDaySpa
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    Good morning my MFPers. Just something simple and healthy start to my day 🤗