I need a boost to get started

ItsMeTy Posts: 13 Member
Hi! I’m Ty. I am not sure where to start. I have started many plans and diets in the past, only to fizzle out instead of sticking it out. How should I begin? I have COPD and have always been scared of exercise.


  • concordancia
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    Start by tracking everything you eat, honestly and accurately.
  • MichelleSilverleaf
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    With a way of eating that you find sustainable. Eat in a way you enjoy, in amounts that align with your weight loss goals. Have reasonable expectations. Weight loss happens in the kitchen, you can lose weight without exercising.
  • Danp
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    My advice as always is to keep it simple and easy, at least in the beginning.

    Just follow three steps
    1. Put your details into MFP and get your calorie target
    2. Eat the same foods you've always enjoyed eating with 1 change. Get a food scale and start to weigh and track everything you eat. Don't go making changes to your diet or your routine. Just start to track and be aware of the number of calories you're eating
    3. More often than no make sure that your calorie count is at around the calorie target you've been given.

    That's it. Don't worry about eating 'clean' or 'healthy'. Don't worry about exercise and working out. Forget every other rule except rules 2 and 3 and eat food you enjoy in a calorie deficit to get things started.

    Once you get a handle on that you can start to make other changes to improve. You'll find alternatives you like that will make hitting your calorie target easier. You'll start to notice the foods that are just too 'expensive' calorie wise and they'll start to become less appealing. You'll start to make all kinds of other changes and tweaks that come with experience but for now. Just keep it simple.

  • AnnPT77
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    I did this to lose about 50 pounds in a little less than a year (at age 59-60, while hypothyroid), and stay at a healthy weight since:


    The general idea is to eat foods you enjoy, and gradually tweak things to first hit your target calorie level, then fine-tune nutrition.

    No crazy restrictions involved. ;)