Hogwarts Weight Loss Challenge (Term 25): 5 week challenge from July 12th to August 18th

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Looking for a fun challenge during the summer? Perhaps join us at Hogwarts to help get in shape and work towards your weight loss goals! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is approaching our 25th term and we're opening up the application to anyone would like to apply :)

Term 25 information:
  • Term 25 will be a 5-week term themed around summer in the Harry Potter series.
  • The term will run from Friday, July 12th (with starting weigh-in starting that Friday and the full activities beginning on Monday) through Sunday, August 18th. You should join by Friday, July 12th to keep your place.
  • You will receive notification via owl (PM/email) if you have been accepted or put on the wait list. Owls should go out on Tuesday, July 9th through Wednesday, July 10th (and should be received by the end of Wednesday, July 10th). If you do NOT join by 11:59 pm ET on Friday, July 12th or respond to the prefect that PM'd, then your spot will be given to someone on the wait list. So make sure to respond to your acceptance PM to hold your space. :)
  • Wait List Owls will be sent as emails (since they are more reliable) while acceptance Owls may be PMs or emails based on how the prefects decide to send them. The key point is to check both the email you gave us in the application AND your PMs.
  • If you have not received ANY PM or email by the morning of Friday, July 12th, please feel free to PM me or @fitphoenix so one of us can help you figure out what happened (ie if you just didn't receive your PM/email, if there was a typo in your username on the application, etc). Everyone who applied should receive SOME type of message (PM or email) by Friday, July 12th if we successfully received your application.
  • We also highly suggest joining Hogsmeade Village since we will be using that group to help communicate with everyone between terms (and communicate with wait listers during a term).

General Information:
  • We have a variety of challenges including food/dietary challenges (Potions), trivia (Defense Against the Dark Arts), and physical challenges (Quidditch), in addition to special challenges to match the theme.
  • We also have a weekly weigh-in every Friday through Sunday.
  • We require a certain amount of participation each week and you may be expelled for missing too many challenges without giving appropriate notification to your prefect. Full details are in the rules although PM if you have questions!

Feel free to contact a member of the staff with any questions including our headgirls @lmc8009 and @infinicca (but please remember that messages usually work only if you are friends with the recipient). You may also post in this thread or contact us to confirm that your application was received.

We highly suggest applying as soon as possible to guarantee yourself a spot.

fitphoenix and Maalea
(Deputy Headmistresses)


  • KristiRTT
    KristiRTT Posts: 346 Member
    I’d love to join!!! I’ll be visiting Hogwarts the second week of August- so I’m trying to lose as much as possible between now and then!!
  • corriepelc
    corriepelc Posts: 2,088 Member
    Yay, I missed the last application period -- I hope I get to go to Hogwarts. I just submitted my application!
  • Dawnshealth111
    Dawnshealth111 Posts: 884 Member
    Would this be a good challenge for me to join while in maintenance or is it primarily for weightloss?
  • starjam25
    starjam25 Posts: 4,457 Member
    Would this be a good challenge for me to join while in maintenance or is it primarily for weightloss?

    @Dawnshealth111 it is also for people in maintenance, it's not just for weightloss.
  • Dawnshealth111
    Dawnshealth111 Posts: 884 Member
    Thanks. I have now applied.
  • Maalea
    Maalea Posts: 14,723 Member
    Great! :D
  • snowshoe072
    snowshoe072 Posts: 3,358 Member
    Hope my app is drawn if not will try to motivate on own
  • NiigataA
    NiigataA Posts: 61 Member
    I would love to join but as I'm going to be on vacation for most of July, I probably won't have access to a scale on a regular basis! I'll keep an eye out for your next batch in August :smile:
  • Theviolinmommy
    Theviolinmommy Posts: 429 Member
    I would love to join again but I can not get the application link to work
  • snowshoe072
    snowshoe072 Posts: 3,358 Member
    I think I clicked the link in the description try that
  • Slimpossible007
    Slimpossible007 Posts: 15,759 Member
    @Theviolinmommy if you still can't get the application to work then contact @maalea or @fitphoenix .. I'm not sure why its not working for you but sometimes these things can be glitchy :)
  • Slimpossible007
    Slimpossible007 Posts: 15,759 Member
    edited July 2019
    @NiigataA if you join Hogsmeade Village then you will see the application for term 26 when it appears ... sometimes its difficult to find in the forums but much easier in the group :)
  • clarkeje1
    clarkeje1 Posts: 1,622 Member
    I want in!
  • Dawnshealth111
    Dawnshealth111 Posts: 884 Member
    I would love to join again but I can not get the application link to work

    I'm unable to use the application link on my tablet so I had to use a computer to access it.
  • infinicca
    infinicca Posts: 869 Member
    Bump! This is a super fun challenge with some pretty amazing people <3
  • GuessimGryffindor
    GuessimGryffindor Posts: 642 Member
    App submitted, sounds like a fun twist!
  • lmc8009
    lmc8009 Posts: 9,190 Member
    Some cell phones have been having issues with Google forms. If you are having trouble with the application try using a desktop. If you want to apply and can't get it to work I can see what I can do to help you so tag me here or add me as a friend and PM me. (PM don't always go through without friend requests for some reason)
  • Maalea
    Maalea Posts: 14,723 Member
    I am sorry some of you are having troubles with the link!

    Here it is in the unabbreviated version, perhaps this will work better:

    If you still have troubles, just post here and tag me and I will try to sort it out. :)
  • kdsp2911
    kdsp2911 Posts: 170 Member
    I would LOVE this!! I submitted my application! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Ldenzel
    Ldenzel Posts: 91 Member
    I hope I get accepted! Fingers crossed!