What do you do to make the Almighty Dollar



  • xGreatWhiteNorthx
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    CNA in long term care.

    You ladies think theres drama working with men? Let me remind you that women are catty as *kitten* ALL the time. This is the first facility I've worked at in 10 years where I work with some male CNAs and I always try to get on a shift with at least one because it makes SUCH a positive difference in the work environment.
  • Tankiscool
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    p8liwag wrote: »
    I work in the accounting department :neutral:

    Hey now. It ain't that bad! :p
  • gatorgirlgot8
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    I'm a caregiver for the disabled, going on 25 years now.
  • dpwellman
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    I help computers with people problems.
  • bstrick74
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    Photographer specializing in Senior and corporate portraits.
  • slimgirljo15
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  • Cahgetsfit
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    Glorified administration assistant.

    I used to be in a cubicle. Now that i'm glorified though, I got an office.

    I did way more work as a regular admin person than I do now as a glorified one, ie, "manager".
  • michaelroode
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    foreign exchange broker
  • slimgirljo15
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    Oops thought this was the guess the occupation thread :laugh:
  • CoffeeAndContour
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    I play with toys and colour pretty pictures while talking to little people. And sometimes when they leave I’ll stare over their artwork they left me, and I’ll judge it. I’ll judge it so hard, asking myself what in the world were they thinking when drawing that.
  • powerplaymsu
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    Car Sales. That's my generic answer. The truth? I babysit.
  • Deadman_Diggingup
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    Car Sales. That's my generic answer. The truth? I babysit.

    I babysit as well.... machinery and factory workers.
  • maureenseel1984
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    I am a pediatric dietitian and diabetes educator...a lactation counselor but I haven't had the chance to make use of that.
  • nooshi713
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    I’m Ms pimple popper.
    I will prescribe you medicine.
    I will reduce your broken arm.
    I’m the one who will give you stitches.
    I will diagnose your appendicitis, heart attack, stroke, arrhythmia, or pneumonia.
    I will remove that bead from your child’s ear.
    I will ligate your bleeding arteriole that is trying to squirt me in the face.
    When you’re in a bad accident and get glass stuck in your foot or a tree branch impales your hand, I will find a way to fix it.
    I will also do things you can’t learn in school.
    I will improvise.
    I’m a jack of all trades medical.

    I am an E.R. Physician Assistant.
  • Danw586
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    ....like computer modeling with navier stokes equations and numerical methods
  • Just an engineer
  • Darryl4126
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    Electrical Engineer
  • Motorsheen
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    Sensitivity Trainer.
  • roustabout04
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    Oil & Gas Industry.