Guy friends

TulieRose21 Posts: 49 Member
Is it possible for guys to be just friends with women, without ulterior motives?

If so, where are they??


  • Cahgetsfit
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    I think so yes? I have guy friends. They have not all tried to *kitten* me.
  • TulieRose21
    TulieRose21 Posts: 49 Member
    Lol. I would definitely welcome some gay guy friends, if any read this.
  • your_future_ex_wife
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    just find a guy who doesn’t find u attractive and there u go
    Now I’m conflicted
  • slimgirljo15
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    Yes! They're all over the place and they normally like other guys........ I kid. yes its possible

    :laugh: you bad
  • showjefb
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    Yes. Probably in the minority, but I’m not looking for hookups or relationship or drama... unless that’s what you want then I’m in. Lol. Joking. Just here for innocent fun, friend, support.
  • CoffeeAndContour
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    The majority of my friends are male, we’re just friends. I’ve not had anything with any of them.
  • lx1x
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  • _sw33tp3a_11
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    I've had one male friend but he was gay so...
  • dpwellman
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    Yeah. I have two examples.
  • Versicolour
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    I have friends who are men. They are happily married or we have known each other long enough to have a healthy distaste for each other. Or they live too far away to even contemplate hooking up
  • Reckoner67
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    Just befriend cats, you can’t go wrong
  • your_future_ex_wife
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    I have male friends who have never hit on me and of whom I believe are not friends with me for sexual reasons. They would likely reject me for various reasons if I made a pass at them. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a level of attraction there, but it’s in the background.

    Even among the friends who are interested in sex, that isn’t why we’re friends. Sex would be a bonus if it were included, but the friendship is great without it.

    As a young woman, these kinds of relationships were harder to find, probably because so many of us were single and unattached. I remember being disappointed more than once when I realized someone I thought was a friend “only wanted one thing.”
  • mbaker566
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    i've been friends with many a male person. they have a tendency of thinking of me more as a little sister.
  • your_future_ex_wife
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    iMago wrote: »

    The sex thing always gets in the way