Is Low Fat Part of the Problem?

I'm curious if any of you have found that you are more sated with a bit more fat in your diet. I have been low fat since I lost weight but have noticed an odd phenomenon. Whenever I have a higher fat meal I don't want to snack all the time. Although I am in maintenance my calorie level is still pretty low so I have continued to keep my fats low most of the time but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm hungry all the time because of that. Maybe if I were to add more fat back and lowered my refined carbs a bit I wouldn't need to snack so much? Thoughts?


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    Higher fat is huge for my satiety. Protein and fiber really help too, but I increasingly think fat is actually the most important macro for me.

    Same here. Luckily I'm not a volume eater. I also tend to get a headache when I eat too low fat. I have my fat macro set at 35%, protein 20%, carbs 45% but it wasn't unusual for me (when I was tracking) to be over in fat and under on carbs. It never affected my rate of loss. Now that I'm in maintenance, I'm not tracking much but my eating habits are virtually the same as when I was losing.

    PS. Peanut butter makes a great snack!
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    Sure, fat helps with satiety for many people. Why not try tweaking your macros for a few weeks to add in more healthy fats and see if that helps with snacking in the longer term - sounds like you've got excellent observational skills and good sense of what works for you. Best of luck :)
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    I honestly don't pay too much attention to my fat macro. How much fat do you usually consume?
    I'd start by checking that against these guidelines:
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    I don't find fat helps me with not being hungry, but it helps me with feeling more satisfied with my diet overall, which makes it more sustainable for me.
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    Fat is delicious. I have something high in fat, and I want more.
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    I'm also in maintenance with a low calorie allowance. For me, higher fat levels are key to keeping me satiated. Much as I love carb-rich foods, I'd rather cut back a bit on the refined carbs in favor of my beloved butter, olive oil, and cream. The down side is lack of volume, so this wouldn't work for everybody.
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    I generally focus on protein and iron and let the rest fall where it falls. I'm usually slightly below 30% fat, and typically hit fiber without trying and it works well for me. I've personally never noticed being more satiated with fattier foods, but I'm not following a low-fat diet either, so I suspect I'm getting what I need.
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    I like some amount of fat in my food and meals but I don't find it filling. A whey protein shake with little to no fat can keep me full for hours. Typically when I'm trying to gain my fat tends to go up since it's so calorie dense and easy for me to eat and get the calories in.

    Sometimes it takes some experimenting to see what works for you.
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    After decades of eating low fat, I discovered the wonders of a higher fat diet about ten years ago. While I can certainly overeat very easily when eating more fat if I'm not careful, I find fat very satiating. And it's done wonders for my health, my hormones, skin and joints. I never knew how much damage I was doing all those years by following dietitians' recommendations for a "healthy" lowfat diet.
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    Around 40-50% carbs, 30% plus fat, 20-30% protein seems to be the sweet spot for me. If I am too far off on any of those, I don't feel satisfied.
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    I really don't like foods that are high in saturated fats. The taste and texture isn't for me and never has been. However, in recent years I have found that adding just a few nuts to my meals throughout the day, really makes a difference with satiety. We are all so different but I have found that a macro split of 40 C/25 P/35 F works most effectively for me to incorporate the foods I enjoy eating and the foods I find are most satiating.
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    Yep, got to have fat and protein in my meals to feel and keep satisfied.
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    Yes, I like to add healthy fats and it has a big effect for me. Nuts, add avocado to salad or slice on sandwich, olive oil, and cream in coffee.
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    It's so individual, it seems like: Fat isn't terribly satiating for me; I tend to need protein and volume (usually veggies & fruits). Fat is the macro I'm most likely to undereat, if I don't pay attention . . . and I do need to pay attention, because I've learned that eating too little of it has a negative effect on my digestive system.