I am really struggling with sugar cravings. The past few years I had been doing really well and had kind of lost my ‘taste’ for sweet. The past 6 months have been difficult and it’s been creeping back in with little treats here and there.
I realized after my second donut this morning that the little treats have become everyday, had peanut butter cups yesterday and ice cream the day before that etc. I have fallen back into the old bad habit of treats everyday and am fully in trouble now.
I could have eaten the whole box of donuts but walked away, it’s still on mind. I I still want to eat them even though I don’t want to eat them lol.
Always thinking about Cakes/cookies/chocolates etc and it’s very distracting and so frustrating. The donuts weren’t even that good, wasn’t worth it all, but I still ate a second one. I really don’t understand myself anymore.
I’m going to the gym today so maybe that will help with the damage a little, but has anyone had an issue like this? How did you get off processed sugar? How do you cope with other people bringing sugar/treats into your home so their just always around tempting you? How do you Get through that wanting to not just have one donut, but the whole box feeling? Or at least get it off your mind so you can focus on more productive things?



  • cmriverside
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    I feel the same way around sweets.

    I just have to delegate them to, "Special Occasions," and that doen't mean every, Saturday. :lol:

    Saturday becomes, "the weekend," and the weekend becomes Monday and Friday, and there I am - right where you are.

    Good luck. The struggle is real. I try to have some fruit every day, that seems to help.
  • LyndaBSS
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    I used to be addicted to gumdrops. Had them every night. So, when I started here on MFP in the hopes of getting healthier and losing weight, I replaced the gumdrops with a healthier treat, then stopped wanting even that. Now, I don't eat any sweet treats at all.

    Some people choose to add their treats into their daily plan. I know that wouldn't work for me.
  • tamz81
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    I eat dark chocolate, just one or two squares a day. It fulfills my sweet craving!
  • RosetteMak
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    I'm hooked on sweets as well, currently. I used to let myself eat ice cream, just not every night. That worked well but I'm not sure how I did it! I've found that not having any sweets in the house works well, because if I have sweets available, I will end up eating them.

    What worked best for me was when I had bags of Dove chocolate, milk and dark. I would have one or two little milk chocolates, and one dark, every night. It might sound excessive, but for someone who will gladly eat ice cream three times a day, it worked perfect for keeping my sweet cravings down! I even found myself skipping the milk chocolate sometimes, I would highly recommend allowing that small sweet treat.
  • cobalt108
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences and some ideas. I have had those yasso bars before and will try them along with dark chocolate squares etc. Today there are no sweets around and I’m hoping to do a sugar detox to jumpstart me. After seeing all the super fit people at the gym yesterday I feel very defeated by the donuts and am still struggling with the intrusive thoughts. Even at the gym yesterday I caught myself thinking about baking muffins etc.
    Also, I do not live alone and they bring in treats like the donuts and are constantly talking about sweets.
  • bellesmom84
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    I struggle with sweets so much! I have struggled with my weight for my whole adult life but at one point had cut out sweets almost entirely. That is until I got a new boyfriend who loves sweets like a little kid. He brought them home every day and over the past 4 years I gained 65 lbs from eating what he ate. For the past 2.5 months I have been trying so hard to cut them out but it's so difficult! Yesterday I bought some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches so at least if I have something sweet it won't be nearly as many calories as other ice cream options are. Good luck to you and keep trying!
  • LyndaBSS
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    I gave up ice cream at night years ago. My mother, who was obese, had a heart attack and died eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I refuse to do that. 😢
  • Anniesquats100
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    It might help to focus on eating lots of fiber. I get full to where I couldn't eat another bite of anything.
    CMNVA Posts: 733 Member
    It might help to focus on eating lots of fiber. I get full to where I couldn't eat another bite of anything.

    Still waiting for something like that to happen to me! So far, it's only happened at a buffet. :p