Mango Season & Mango Recipes

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We have a mango tree in the backyard. Had to get creative with mango recipes to use as many as possible and gave away lots of bags with mangoes to friends and family. The past week made this mango mousse twice. Yummy!! What other mango recipes would you recommend? True and tried please, I know Pinterest has a lot but I would like to hear your recommendations on something you have liked:)))


  • acpgee
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    If you have unripe mangoes I love SE Asian green mango salad. As I don't have access to unripe mangoes I normally substitute a mixture of spiralized or roughly carrots and granny smith apples. This recipe looks authentic. If googling for other recipes there should be no oil in the dressing, but some recipes call for oil to deep fry shallots to garnish. I replace these with ready made deep fried onions or shallots--the kind used on American Thanksgiving green bean casserole.
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    Another savoury mango dish I love in SE Asia is whole fried fish with a sort of mango salsa. Here is a BBQ version that would be easier to make in a domestic kitchen (roast or BBQ the whole fish so you don't need a huge vat of oil to deep fry a whole sea bream or sea bass).
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    I tend to freeze them here in Oz, so mango all year round :)
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    Please send all extra mangoes to me... I’m here in FL
    Don’t worry I’ll take care of it 😉
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    sonilac wrote: »
    We have a mango tree in the backyard.

    I am very very jealous!!!!!
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    Mango tarte tatin
    Mango chutney
    Mango salsa for fish tacos
    Mango smoothies
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    Mango chutney on roasted pork loin, so delicious! Don't have the recipe, a chef friend made it for me.