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Can't budge the scale

warfieldrjwarfieldrj Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Been working on losing weight the past 30 days. Lost 6 pounds and several inches, feel better but want to keep losing weight. I am very active but not necessarily doing hard exercise, just walking, moving all the time.
Very busy job need some help. Suggestions?


  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Posts: 916Member Member Posts: 916Member Member
    I am sure many of us would like to lose weight faster - sometimes I kick the scale and at least that budges it from one corner to the next. It has taken us a long time to gain all that extra weight, stick to your healthier meal plan and extra weight will come off in time.
  • floofyschmooferfloofyschmoofer Posts: 209Member Member Posts: 209Member Member
    Track your calories in and calories out. Drink water. Be patient.
  • ninerbuffninerbuff Posts: 42,519Member, Greeter Member Posts: 42,519Member, Greeter Member
    Not the Big Loser contest here.

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