1300 calories - 60kg goal

Hey guys... I’d like more friends who are on a similar journey as me!! My main goal is weight loss (to get down to my target weight) so I am currently doing lots of cardio. I then will be looking at maintaining and improving my strength with weights and toning exercises. My calorie limit is 1300 a day. Feel free to add me to share tips / progress on this exciting journey 😘5n1ds6xcjbnv.jpeg


  • xxzenabxx
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    Start lifting weights now. If you can’t go the gym then do body weights home workouts.
  • sardelsa
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    Another vote for start lifting now (or yesterday if you have access to a time traveling DeLorean ;) )
  • kshama2001
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    Another vote for starting to lift now.

    In the years I've been on these forums, people have expressed regret at not lifting sooner, but not one has complained about starting to lift "too early" (in quotes because it's not actually a thing ;) ).
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    Lifting is a great way to build muscle and lose weight. It is all about calorie deficit. Lots of cardio is fine, but is not preserving your muscle mass like lifting will while you lose weight.
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    I'm also eating about 1300 a day, with a goal of 57-58kg
    Nothing wrong with starting some strength training "early" (aka before you hit your goal weight), having some muscle can change how you feel/look a lot (not in a "bulky" way, but just in general - feeling stronger and seeing measurements go down)
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    And OP I think you look great already!! Good luck with your fitness goals 😀
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    Kittyy1994 wrote: »
    I think the biggest tip you will get is this:

    Don't wait until you reach goal weight, start lifting heavy things up and down right now. :)

    This will help you preserve your muscle mass while you lose the weight.

    Just my opinion but I find it really annoying when people say “lift heavy things up and down”.... where did this come from? It seems like you are belittling the OP, sounds like something you would say to a toddler. Why not just say lift or strength training? They will know what you mean 😀

    Perhaps it's to be clear that the weights should be heavy as opposed the barbie weights I was steered towards in the 90s?



    ...If you don’t lift heavy, you’re not going to get stronger, you’re just burning calories. And if that’s all you want, heck, just take a dance class or something. Do some Zumba. That’s way more fun than doing a bunch of boring non-challenging weight lifting.