Weight Watchers: yes or no?

I’m about 60lbs overweight and considering WW (formerly weight watchers.) But I’m concerned it may not be practical or sustainable. Anyone have an argument for or against the program? I could really use some advice. Thank you


  • puffbrat
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    I tried it several years ago. It wasn't sustainable for me. I found it difficult to take foods with labels showing calories and macros and convert those into points, especially in places where I didn't have internet access and do mental or paper tracking. Also, the free foods I think really set me back, because those still have calories that my body counts and I can still eat too many of them, especially when on a diet and feeling hungry/restricted.
  • Suuzanne37
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    I was with WW for a couple of years; I lost 40lbs and learnt a lot about logging and proper nutrition and received support from the meetings.

    If you can afford the membership and like meetings, then go for it. If the option is online; it’s better to stick to MyFitnessPal.
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    There are a lot of WW folks here. If you do a search for WW, you'll find many threads.
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    I joined weight watchers in 2009 and lost 37 lbs in 3 months. I only counted points and went to meetings for the first couple of weeks though, and by then I had learned the portions control and habits that I needed and the weight kept coming off until I intentionally stopped losing.
    I kept it off for about 6 years until menopause and injuries derailed my exercise and eating habits. So yeah it worked for me really well. I found it easy to lose with it. It is harder for me now for whatever reason.
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    Just cancelled my WW membership yesterday when I signed up for a year of premium here :)
  • CSARdiver
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    Weight Watchers has the advantage of formal meetings and real physical connection, so if this is a motivator for you it is something worth looking at. MyFitnessPal has the advantage of being free (premium is always available).

    MFP holds a distinct advantage of accuracy as it tracks the listed calories as opposed to a point system. This also holds an advantage as MFP takes into account your activity.
  • It’s not for me. The app is user friendly and I find it to be idiot proof, but I don’t like the points system and I found it harder when going out and what not. Most menus these days have calories listed and I found it easier to track later than WW.
  • Sunshine_And_Sand
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    I did weight watcher after my first was born. This was back when you could choose between core and flex points. I found it easy and sustainable on the flex points system. Back them there weren’t nearly as many zero point foods, and points for treats weren’t over inflated compared to the calories in them.
    I haven’t really liked any system they’ve had since flex points though. Nothing since that has been sustainable for me. They used to do one free meeting to let you get an idea if you’d like it or not, so maybe see if that’s still a thing and check it out. This would give you an idea of what foods are high points and if it would make you feel like you are being punished for the foods you like.
    Also, WW is expensive so I wouldn’t commit to anything without at least finding out a little about it first.
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    Love this
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    I suspect if you are committed to change you can make WW work. If you are not committed to change nothing will work. You can easily get on MFP and game your calories with generous eyeballed portions and bad database entries and get nowhere.

    I have done both and I like the precision that calorie counting provides. It is just easier for me to relax when I know I am in a calorie deficit. I like that I can customize my own plan as long as I eat the correct number of calories each week.

    I also do not require extrinsic motivation so WW has nothing to offer me.
  • MelanieCN77
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    I think if you're at the start of losing a good amount of weight and you don't overthink it, WW works well. It's down the line it can start to be a bit too restrictive. It guides choices with its free foods, which could be helpful in developing a palate for what we might call "healthy" foods if you've got into some kind of habit or rut. At some point though you're probably going to want more direct control.