Calorie Deficit - No Exercise

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I used to exercise a lot (cycled to work etc.) but I've had an injury, and now can't do much at all. Hopefully this isn't permanent, but I've put on about a stone, and I'm miserable.

I know that a calorie deficit is enough to lose weight, and I don't HAVE to train, but I'd love to hear this from people that have lost weight (and inches) without exercising.

(I can walk and stuff, I'm not totally inactive, I'm just not hitting the gym like I used to!)


  • RelCanonical
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    I'm down 50 pounds so far - the most I do is walking, usually 30 minute walks during lunch a few days a week. Sometimes it can be annoying because I'm also 5'1'' so my calories are pretty low, but I recognize that I don't need to eat as much as others.
  • BuddhaBunnyFTW
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    Vegan diet, no processed foods, little to no exercise, 7 lbs in one month, super happy, feeling great!
  • grinning_chick
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    On target for 36-40 lbs total drop in 4 months. No idea about inches as don't bother with. Have I lost them? Yep. I absolutely am I am having to go through clothes I mothballed on my way up, on my way back down.

    Zero intentional exercise 99.5% of the time beyond walking required to walk between vehicle and some errand place of business, around in circles in a contract job location (typically under 2K sq ft), or in the grocery store, lol.

    I have never done gyms. Not even when I had access to free ones on the regular. I haven't ran since 2012.

    The inactivity will change once I hit somewhere in the 170-180 lbs. range. So, sometime in August/September time frame. But until then? Complete slug. I wanted to avoid another chronic foot/leg use injury due to obesity and so far, so good (knock on wood).

    Have I lost lean muscle mass? Sure. Enough to be concerned? No. I make it a point to keep protein intake at 75-100 grams/day as much as possible and fats at least 30% of calories consumed.
  • therealislandgirl
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    This is the first time in my life I have ever tracked calories for weightloss! And I too have injuries that are preventing me from exercising at this time. I was desperate to lose weight to help alleviate the stress off of my injured back and knee and was led to try MFP and it’s really working!! Keep it up all of you who are physically limited, we can do this!!! 😊👍🏽
  • BibuSpagnol
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    You will manage to lose weight with a calorie deficit only.

    From my point of view, exercise is really good for weight loss as well, but I think it's far more important for the change in mentality.

    May I ask you what injury you have? I will soon be operating my ACL (Cruciate) and I am refrained from performing physical activities which requires my legs for about 1 month. In the time being, I will only do dumbbell exercises for my upper body at home.

    This way, my metabolism will not be put to rest for sure.
  • Malimalai
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    I walk my dogs everyday for 30-40 minutes.I count my calories and macros and I try to eat mainly whole foods .I cut out all sugary foods.I lost 22 lb so far and my BMI is 22.6 now.I want to be slim and have a healthy life style for life.'' You are what you eat ''. 🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♂️🐩🐕🥑🥦🍗🥩🥗🐟🦐🦑
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    I don’t purposefully exercise often. Every now and again I’ll get on a lifting kick and do that four days a week and then remember I don’t have to do that to lose. I’m down 66 pounds just by counting calories. And I have a desk job, so I’m always sitting at work.
  • tinkerbellang83
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    I've lost weight when I have exercised, I've lost weight when I haven't it really is purely down to calorie control.

    That said, exercise is good for health and even though you've had an injury, there may well be exercises you can do, albeit not necessarily in the gym, depending on what the injury is and of course checking with your doctor first.

    For example when I had a back injury I started with some yoga and low impact cardio workouts at home, then as the pain was lower I started doing some strength training, with some moves modified to avoid exacerbating my injury.

    Swimming is another good one if you need something low impact, again obviously this will depend on what the injury is.
  • sytchequeen
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    calorie deficit is enough. When I started to lose weight it was following a big gain after being hospitalized with a back injury. The majority of my loss has been done with minimal activity in the first year due to that injury.
  • IremiaRe
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    I am a firm believer in exercise - it works FOR ME - but, I do know that you can't out exercise a bad diet... so - go for it. Once your injury is resolved, you will be able to get back to it, but you won't immediately puff up if you stop to heal. Work the diet, always. Exercise when and how you can.