What is your “go to” post workout snack that isn’t a shake?



  • sgt1372
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    Water or coffee.
  • Nanaluvs2sweat
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    I like having some mixed nuts.
  • aokoye
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    aokoye wrote: »
    It's too easy for me. We try to eat pretty healthy dinners four or five days a week made at home. It allows lots of healthier leftovers. Last night was Chicken Salad. I'll have either Spinach Pesto Pasta (gluten free for me as I'm highly reactive to wheat) or Chicken Salad today on GF Crackers. We nearly always have a veggie, a carb and protein together for nearly every meal.

    If, on the rare occasion I don't have leftovers, I keep some Turkey or Chicken Burgers in the freezer that are quick to heat up in a skillet along with a bag of frozen veggies. Trader Joes is great for both.

    I should clarify, I workout at lunch fasted and eat after. So it's a pretty big meal, bigger than most eat for dinner! I don't eat AM calories at all, just works better for me. Plus, I typically burn 600 to 1000 calories, so with that type of workout, you have to feed the body.

    Well, I know where I'm going today. The question is do I brave TJ's before or after my late morning workout...

    The Chile Lime Chicken Burgers!! Trust me on that one!

    I ended up with the turkey burgers and salmon burgers as well (and then some groceries). It also appears the best time to go to that specific store is Friday morning - there's parking and my favorite bakery, which is two blocks away, has brioche buns starting at around 8am (as opposed to the 7-7:20ish which is when I go if I'm going right after rowing).
  • cobalt108
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    Green apple with almond butter!
  • staticsplit
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    Hard boiled egg.
    String cheese.
    Apple and peanut butter.
    Rice or corn cakes with goat cheese and apricot.
  • MohsenSALAH
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    I workout late at night so after it i take shake and sleep, no snacking
  • aokoye
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    I workout late at night so after it i take shake and sleep, no snacking

    In this context, a shake would perform the same function (consuming food post workout) as snacking.
  • wifeoferp
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    Greek yogurt with granola and almond milk. I’ll add fresh nectarine or peach if I have some ripe ones handy.
  • lollie1285
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    Hard boiled eggs or plain yogurt with berries and/or some granola. Or I’ll just grab a quest protein cookie if I have it handy depending on how hard the workout is. They’re high in calories.
  • sammidelvecchio
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    cottage cheese and a gatorade/powerade zero