Body shape after exercise

Over the last couple of years I’ve gradually started exercising, it started with horse riding and slowly increased to running. At the moment I’m hitting around 15000 steps daily.
My question is: Will my body go back to its pre exercised shape (a bit soft, love handles and big thighs) if I were to stop or reduce exercise? Or would weight be distributed differently now that I am quite fit and lean? I understand that muscle mass would decrease if I were to stop exercising. My calorie intake is already low but I’m taking steps to increase my calorie intake and decrease my exercise. I’m just worried about my body going from lean (I’m finally happy with what I see in the mirror) back to pear shaped and flabby.


  • cobalt108
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    Not an expert, but I’ve lost over 100 and recently gained about 30 back over the past year and had been off track with my gym schedule. Came right back to my thighs and belly. Feel like my body ‘remembered’.
  • LyndaBSS
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    Your body type will dictate where fat comes back. For example, I'm a pear shape. I will always be prone to gain fat first in my waist, hips and thighs.
  • lorrpb
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    Yes, it will most likely go back to the old shape over time.
  • Cherimoose
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    KateCassie wrote: »
    I’m taking steps to increase my calorie intake and decrease my exercise

    Yes, eating more and exercising less tends to cause fat gain. The only way it wouldn't is if your non-exercise calorie burn (housework, etc) increased.
    You'll gain it in the same places as before.