Question for those w/ tattoos......



  • I have a tramp stamp on my lower back. It really didn't hurt at all. I could have fallen asleep while having the tattoo done.
    what is a tramp stamp

    A tramp stamp is a tattoo that is on your lower part of your back. They call it a tramp stamp
  • shrek1970uk
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    I have 5 tattoos. I would suggest having a "small" tat as your 1st one, so that you get used to the sensation of being tattooed!

    That said, some areas are more sore than others, and people have different pain tolerance levels.

    Just make sure you eat something sugary beforehand, so that you don't feel faint.
  • brittanyjeanxo
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    The amount of pain you feel is dependent upon you, however most will tell you that areas with thinner skin and more veins will hurt the worst (feet, ribs, wrists.) I have one on my wrist and it didn't hurt too bad. I have another behind my ear, and IMO, that hurt worse. But then, my wrist is just script, the one behind my ear is shaded in. People will also tell you that color ink hurts worse, but this is kind of misleading. The tattoo on my wrist is in purple. It hardly hurt. The one behind my ear is black. It hurt more. I think they mean as far as shading goes, because typically when people get tattoos in color it's shaded in. But it will ultimately depend on you. I would also put it somewhere it can be covered up.
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    I have my whole back, a small one on my hip, and a tribal type design on my arm. The hip was tolerable, the arm hurt a lot, and my back, it depended on the spot. The spine was the easiest and the side flab killed! And I guess most people it hurts less as the tattoo proceeds, but I was the opposite. I could sit like a champ for the first 2 hours, but we had to keep stopping at the end of the third hour because it became unbearable.
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    Mine is on my ankle right on the bone. It hurt something fierce!
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    I have 2 tattoos. My 1st is high up on my back between my shoulder blades. That one did not hurt at all. No pain, redness or swelling. My second is on my foot. That one hurt pretty bad during. I was an idiot and did way way too much walking too soon and it was a swollen red mess for a few days.
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    I have two - One on my back - upper part, to the left of my right shoulder blade - One color. I have one on my left calf - very, very colorful. The one on my back didn't hurt much. The calf one hurt a lot because of all the colors. The more colorful the more painful. I get them on my back and on the muscley part of my body - because when I'm old, those areas will still retain some tone. I would never get one on my boob, stomach, thigh (areas that store fat). Boobs matter what - your boobs will sag one day...keep that in mind.
  • HAHA! Good question. I always tend to choose places that the tattoo artist tells me are going to hurt.... I guess I don't do anything the easy way. I have one around my ankle, one on my hip, and my newest one takes up most of my left side. Here is the honest answer for ya as far as hurt...... none of them felt great, but they aren't going to hurt that badly. Of my three, the one on my side hurt the most because it was on my ribs, and I have lost enough weight that ribs vibrated a bit and felt weird. They hurt..... it feels to me like someone is holding a hot match to my skin.... but a good tattoo artist will only go for a few seconds before stopping and letting you go "whew" before getting back to it.
    I have never had kids....... tattoos are the closest thing I will ever come to childbirth....LOL. It is much the same way as I have heard women say. During childbirth it hurts, but after that you tend to forget the pain, and eventually want another one...LOL.
    Maybe start with something small, about the size of your palm, just to test the waters. You can always add to it, or get another one. What are you thinking of getting? Another suggestion is to make sure you like it and can live with it forever.
    I say start small, but go for one you love love and won't regret. You will be addicted, I promise...LOL
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    My advice:

    1. Get it wherever you really want it, HOWEVER, it would be best if it was a spot that could be covered up when necessary.
    2. Get something that holds some meaning for you and you don't think you'll look at it in ten or twenty years and wish you had chosen something else.
    3. MOST IMPORTANT: do research on tattoo parlors in your area. FInd reviews. Visit the shops to see how clean they are. Look at the portfolios to get an idea of an artist's work. You can google something like "choosing a tattoo parlor" to get a list of things to look for to make sure your are going to a shop that is following health regulations and is reputable.
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    First tat on hip... OWWW
    Second tat wrist... OWWWWW
    Third tat top of foot... OWWWWWWW
    Fourth tat top of other foot... OWWWWWWWW
    Fifth tat inside ankle.. OWW

    They hurt everywhere, especially boney parts lol

    Just make it meaningful and if you are worried, get it somewhere you can cover it up. Make sure the artist knows what he/she is doing! Bad tats= NOT A GOOD TIME
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    Also, when the artist draws it up, don't hesitate to tell him/her the changes you want made, if any. For both of my tattoos I gave the artist a general idea of what I wanted and let the have freedom of the design. They both turned out really well, but there is a bit of a weird part on the roman numeral because I didn't notice it on the drawing because I didn't look close enough. It's something that can very easily be fixed, but I kind of like the way it's a little uneven. I think it represents the way I am more, lol
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    My right calf was my first and only hurt because I expected it to be painful. Was more like a bad sunburn. Left shoulder wasn't too bad, he hit this nerve that made my muscle jump and I got yelled at :( Easiest one was on my left boob, no pain but as you can imagine it was a bit awkward. Oh and the seatbelt in the car was uncomfortable with that one.

    You can go in to some shops with your drawing/picture/script and have a temp tat made up, that way you can try it out for a few days! Good luck and congrats on reaching your goals!
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    Interesting thread going here.
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    I have seven the only one that really hurt was the one on the top of my foot. If it's your first, I don't recommend the top of the foot.:sad:

    Agreed, to be honest the one on my foot didn't hurt the first time but I had to have it redone as it had faded a little and OMGG I hummed all the way through, which the tattooist found quite hilarious.
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    Go with your heart! What makes you happy, may not make anyone else happy. And that's okay! You're the one who's got to look at it for the rest of your life. You don't want any regrets!

    As far as pain, you're not going to find 2 people who had the same experience. I have several, but my most dreaded was my stomach. I heard it hurts like hell. Turns out it tickled so bad I could hardly hold still. LOL My wrist hurt like a SOB. Others were a mixture. Just depends on you.

    I say, decide what you want, and where you want it; then sit on it for awhile. If you get to the place where you can't WAIT to get it done, then you're ready. :) Good luck!
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    From working reception at a tattoo parlor, it seems like everyone feels the sensation differently. Some people find ankles hard, others have no issues at all. It's a person to person thing.
    With tattoos, the closer to bone the more painful generally runs true. My mentor had ink everywhere, from his face to his toes, but the piece on his ribcage is still unfinished, it hurt too much for even the outline. But I'm sure there is someone out there that had no issues with ribs at all. I've never heard of anyone with a base of the neck tattooing hurting, but mine hit right on a stress spot and I had to go to my happy place for it.
    Think about where you would like it, and hum through it if it hurts. Your friends might giggle, but it helps more than you would expect.
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    Don't do it!
    Why would you want to permanently want to brand yourself?? Have you seen what older women look like with their ageing tattoos?? Especially if, god forbid, they've put on weight since they had it done. A little butterfly becomes a vulture.
    I'm sorry, everyone who has tattoos, I'm not picking on you all personally but I just don't really like tattoos, at all. This does not make me a bad person, honest. Please don't judge me. :cry:
  • HAHA it is called a "tramp stamp" because of its location on the lower back...... when a guy can see it peeking over the top of your jeans, or when you bend over, he "knows" you are a "tramp" because of the "stamp".... LMBO not for me, thanks
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    I have one on my back, shoulder blade area. It's nice because it only shows in tank tops, but did show in my wedding dress. It didn't hurt that bad.

    I have another on the front of my hip. It doesn't show except when naked or in skimpy bikinis. But it did get a bit stretched with pregnancy and is now pretty blurry but it's also.... 12 years old. Damn I'm old.

    I think of more importance than pain, is when and if you want it to show.
  • alliecore
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    Don't do it!
    Why would you want to permanently want to brand yourself?? Have you seen what older women look like with their ageing tattoos?? Especially if, god forbid, they've put on weight since they had it done. A little butterfly becomes a vulture.
    I'm sorry, everyone who has tattoos, I'm not picking on you all personally but I just don't really like tattoos, at all. This does not make me a bad person, honest. Please don't judge me. :cry:

    No judgement to you! :flowerforyou: Just please don't judge the rest of us who have 'em! :) When I see an old lady with a tattoo, I see a chic who hasn't been afraid to live life outside of the lines. I want to give my grandkids a run for their money. And when I'm lying on the autopsy table, I want to be an interesting conversation piece! :happy: