If you wake up late...

If you wake up at 11 am and dont eat breakfast, do you still have to eat all your calories? I have like 900 calories left not counting my smoothie after my workout. So what do i do? I'm not hungry and i've been on target for the past week or so. Any advice would be great. Thanks


  • Trixtabella
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    Why don't you drink some OJ or milk, I have a mix of cranberry, kashew and almonds I eat when I have kcals to eat.
  • fionat29
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    I would say Yes! If you don't, MFP will tell you that your body is going into starvation mode and that'll freak you out.
    Honestly though, if you got up late, couldn't you stay up later and eat a bit more?
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    I have the SAME problem! Glad it's not just me. I'm looking forward to seeing the responses to this post!
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    I wouldn't worry too much as your body will need deep sleep to recover and repair and we all sleep in late, if you have a rigid training programme or you really want to add lean muscle mass then missing a meal will be bad but you can soon add the lost meal with a protein shake before bed.

    Bottom line, if your not hungry your ok.

    Hope this helps

  • killagb
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    Yes, just because you wake up late doesn't mean you need less calories. Consider your meals from when you get up...first one is breakfast...and so on. I log everything in my diary that I eat before sleep on the same day, even if it's technically the next day by an hour or 2, so I log from wake up to sleep.
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    I do
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    Yep, I eat them. Even while sleeping, you are still alive, and therefore need calories to function... hehehe. Just use it as a day to enjoy a treat! Have a beer or two!
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    Thanks everyone. You guys are the best :)