Melatonin and Unwanted Weight Gain



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    I've been prescribed Melatonin (You need a doctor to prescribe it to get the real stuff in Australia and not that ridiculous homeopathic rubbish you get in the chemist) and it's been a godsend. I've had insomnia my entire life and usual sleeping solutions turned me into a complete zombie the following day. With the Circadin I've been prescribed I get to sleep easily, sleep well and (most importantly) wake up refreshed!! I generally take it for a short period to get me into a good sleep cycle then stop until I need it again.

    That said I've not seen any correlation between the periods I'm taking the pills and differences in weight fluctuations.

    Hi, I'm from Australia too and find it hard to get my doctor to prescribe it. Is the chemist stuff really not the same? I thought it had been legalised and I didn't hear about it because these pills weren't always available.
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    The chemist over-the-counter stuff is 'homeopathic dose' so yeah. It's just water.

    Coincidentally, the topic of melatonin happened to come up at work today.

    I haven't had a chance to verify what I was told but someone mentioned that while it requires a prescription in Australia it's not a prohibited substance so can be legally imported. The person who told me this regularly just buys her tablets online (which apparently is also cheaper than buying locally with a prescription) so I'll definitely be looking into that as an option when my current stash runs out.
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    My daughter's psychiatrist recommended this site to get melatonin in Australia. Either that or go to a chemist that will compound it for you but that is a much more expensive way of going about it.{"SortValue":{},"PageSize":"12","CompareProducts":[],"Brands":{},"FormValues":{},"PriceRanges":{},"Categories":[],"objects":[]}
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    My 12 year old is on 2mg Circadin . So far the only issue has been weird dreams, but she said she gets those anyway. She does sometimes still wake up early, but isn't taking 3-4 hours to get to sleep. We are in Australia and can get it free if we go to the local kids hospital, but with parking or catching public transport it's not really worth it.

    The psychiatrist also mentioned that over the counter homeopathic versions are in such a small does, or not the best quality. We haven't looked at buying it online, but since she is on a plan , we prefer to keep working with her care team.
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    I know this is an old thread but wanted to comment that I have experienced a significant and stubborn weight gain since taking melatonin regularly. I couldn’t figure it out, why was I gaining weight with no changes to diet and exercise, no new meds, no thyroid problems, no I carefully researched EVERYTHING I was taking including OC meds and supplements. Discovered that melatonin DOES cause some people to gain weight, not all, but some. So yes, your unexplained weight gain IS likely the melatonin. Also, Benedryl for sleep causes weight gain over time. For us poor sleepers, this is a very frustrating conundrum! I don’t want to take a prescription sleep med because they are addictive...I also HATE this extra weight!
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    I see a pharmacist who specializes in menopause, I was taking benadryl every night to help me with my insomnia, she said the benadryl could affect weight gain and recommended I take melatonin.
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    I took melatonin for a period of time, no weight gain issue. Fwiw in this zombie thread...