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Counting Fruit and Veggies

Hi Everyone,

I'm curious, do you track your fruits and veggies if you eat them plain or with zero cal spices/sauces? I subscribed to weight watchers before and fruits and veggies were a free kind of food but here you can actually search an orange and track the 60 some odd calories. So, I personally have decided to not track fruits and veggies themselves since it's a healthy choice compared to - for example - 60 calories of goldfish! Anyways, post your thoughts, I'm interested to hear what you all have to say!

As another note, I'm here to lose about 50lbs or more so maybe when I have much less to go, I'll be more strict? Idk! We'll see!



  • missysippy930
    missysippy930 Posts: 2,529 Member
    Everything has calories except water.
    I count it all. A lot of my calories come from fruit and vegetables.
    Not much point in doing this if you don’t count everything.
  • nighthawk584
    nighthawk584 Posts: 1,979 Member
    free calories? where do I sign up?! just like healthcare, nothings free. I would log them and quit WW. you don't need it or any other fad diet.
  • gallicinvasion
    gallicinvasion Posts: 1,012 Member
    I didn’t usually weigh leafy greens or other veggies/fruits, except at the very beginning of my weight loss journey. but I got really good at estimating the weight, and I definitely log everything.
  • unstableunicorn
    unstableunicorn Posts: 216 Member
    In the past I’ve tracked fruits and veggies because I tend to prefer high-calorie produce. When I got comfortable with MFP and general idea of how many calories are in what I relaxed tracking certain things like lettuce and ginger because I never had more than 10 or 20 cals worth. For best/accurate results with CICO though you should track everything.
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,826 Member
    I would track them if you want to be more accurate. Back when I was tracking it depends on what I was having. I would usually estimate fruits and vegetables and weigh protein and fat sources. I had a high goal and lots of flexibility though so that might not work for many people.