To workout or not (with a cold)

I can’t decide if I should go to my Krav Maga class tonight. I’ve been sick with a cold, and have done nothing but rest for three days. I feel better today, but still stuffy and a bit low energy (probably dehydrated- pushing fluids now).
I’m wondering what you smart fitness folks would do in my case. One thing to note- the KM class is pretty high intensity, and difficult to scale down. I think my options are to rest again today, go for a walk, or go to KM class and hope for the best. Thoughts? TIA!


  • pondee629
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    How do you feel? If you feel up to it, go for it. If not, not.
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    Your classmates will thank you not to attend class while you are sick. If you feel you want to exercise (which can help clear your sinuses if it's a head cold), then do it on your own outside of the gym.

    Fair point. I was thinking I’d no longer be contagious, but a little reading on the subject says otherwise. Well, that answers that! Sigh. I really hate missing class, but I guess that’s life.

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    Two things.

    I did read that apparently when you work out when you're sick your body detours all it's energy away from recovering from the sickness and into energy for the workout/recovery from the workout. This can then result in you being sicker for longer.

    Also, keep your germs at home. My partner works with pro-athletes and all-around their gym are signs saying "colds cost golds (medals)" basically if you are sick, stay far away from the gym in case you infect others.
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    Listen to your body.

    Don't infect others.

    I've had two viruses so far this year. One lasted 21 days, the second lasted 16 days. Caught both because sick people didn't stay home. 😷
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    Just take a walk.