Gross Diet Food

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Recently, I bought two items of lower-calorie food that ended up being just nasty, so I thought it would be fun/helpful to have a thread where you post what low-cal/low-fat/"diet foods" you've tried that were terrible. (I mean this to be more for prepared foods, not as in "I don't like celery or spinach, gross."

The two things I tried and hated were:
Lakeview Farms Sugar Free Pudding Pals (cheap, 60 cals apiece, came in a variety pack of 8. Tastes like straight chemicals, and the rice pudding is unbearable). I got these at Kroger; I don't know if they're sold elsewhere.

Better n' Peanut Butter. The flavor was really unpleasant to me, even though I'm not picky at all and I LOVE peanut butter, and the texture was off-putting. Returned it ASAP, I'd rather have the fat and calories of regular peanut butter.

What have y'all tried that ended up not being worth the "diet" nutrition aspect?


  • acciomuscles
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    Walden Farms Calorie-Free "Peanut Spread." AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I tried a tiny spoonful of it and almost lost my lunch. So not worth the money -- I'm sticking with all-natural PB!
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    I bought these Kraft brand cripsy cracker type things that were like 130 cals for 30 chips. I got the sea salt flavor so that I could dip it in some cheese dip and be able to eat a few more "chips"...hahaha...they were disgusting!!
  • audram420
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    Oh and I have to add that as far as protein shakes go...Jillian Michaaels has a disgusting tasting one. Though I love her otherwise!
  • FearAnLoathing
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    Anything by Lean Cusine or Aldies Fit n Active brand.
    Actually to me most "diet" food is straight yuck so I stay away from it. I do like some of the Lean Pockets
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    I love the Laughing Cow garlic herb spreadable cheese wedges, so I was excited when they came out with new flavors. But the sundried tomato flavor is DISGUSTING. I ate half of one wedge and threw the package out.
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    I made out of the weight watchers book there low fat cheesecake, it was disgusting and we threw it away :( that was not a good day lol.
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    Haha! I am so glad you posted about Better N' Peanut Butter. I am a huge fan of peanut butter and was so looking forward to trying that product, I have heard so many good things about it! When you are on a diet there are some things that are worth the calories and some that just aren't. Peanut Butter and real ice cream are worth every single calorie to me! I'll stick with the real PB! I tried something the other day that was so bad I threw the package away and I just can't remember it now! I'll post again when it comes to me!
  • Anything imitation, sugar free, or "fat free" (that is normally fattening, like peanut butter) just sounds gross to me. I would rather have the real thing any day to reduce my risk of taking in harmful chemicals and fake sugars. Most of the time, buying the low fat or fat free versions of products only saves an average of 20 calories, I've noticed, so I usually stick with full fat versions (like in Greek yogurt).

    I have, however, tried some foods that I thought would be healthy and are marketed to be healthy, but they just turned out to be disgusting. I tried these broccoli, spinach, and cheese fill nuggets (kind of like veggie chicken nuggets in a way) for a new snack. They had no flavor and no "cheese." It was like poorly breaded veggies that just fell apart. Since they were frozen, they just tasted freezer burned after cooking them too.
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    I tried a Smart Ones Mac & Cheese... Horrid!
  • AmandaCG
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    Oh and I have to add that as far as protein shakes go...Jillian Michaaels has a disgusting tasting one. Though I love her otherwise!

    I bought a container of this the other day.....I LOVED it, but my husband who drinks a different type of protein shake could barely get it down! haha! Now that being said......I avoid sweets altogether so, to be honest, chocolate flavored cardboard would probably taste good to me!
  • homeport51
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    Arctic Zero Ice Cream Substitute
    So gross....
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    The weight watchers ice cream bars are pretty good, esp the Giant Cookie Ice Cream Bar. 130 Calories. And as for crackers, the Special K Sea Salt Cracker Chips are pretty good, 110 Calories for 30 crisps.
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    Weightwatchers ready meals... bleurgh! :P I saw this documentary on them and the stuff they were putting in as a substitute for fat was just like wallpaper paste :S I'd rather just have a grilled chicken breast and some veg... healthy and fresh.
  • The morningstar farms chicken strips have a horrible taste and texture. Most of the other fake meats are pretty yummy!
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    I got baked potato chips at Subway once. GROSS! I rarely eat potato chips, but when I do, I want grease and salt!
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    For all you fellow peanut butter lovers, have you tried PB2? It's a powdered peanut butter with only 45 cals per tablespoon. I have several MFPs that use it and say it is wonderful. It gets reconstituted with water. It's sold in some stores (google it) but is made by Bell Plantation. I am going to order some today from which has a good price for it. Heard it was expensive from Bell Plantation due to shipping.
  • Strive2BLean
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    Try PB2 Powdered peanut butter no chemicals. Excellent. 45 cals per tbs. made by Bell Plantation. My MFPs say it is great. cHEAPER TO ORDER IT FROM NETRITION .COM
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    Lucerene Light String Cheese. The name branded light stuff is good, the store brand was AWFUL.
  • kraft has a new 1% cottage cheese, i took one bite and spit it back into the container and threw it out, i cant even begin to describe how bad it was!
  • servilia
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    I don't remember the brand since I haven't touched this in a year, but there are these 0 fat low sugar yogurts and they're just gross! Afterwards I checked and they're full of artificial sweeteners! Not worth it, I went back to regular yogurt.