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I love going walking- very fast. Lately I’ve noticed that even going fast isn’t enough so I added some light jogging. I walk, say about 20 feet, then jog. How do you add this in with your exercises? Anyone know?


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    I have found the easiest way to do this is with a FitBit. I set it to "walk" and it seems to measure the calories burned pretty accurately. I compare those calories burned with the treadmill when I do a similar distance and variety of speeds and the numbers are pretty consistent. That being said, I guess you could do a test case on a treadmill if you have one available....
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    What I've done in the past was use MapMyWalk (or something else similar that you are used to) to best estimate the distance I've walked/jogged/run; use a watch to measure the time and use whichever heart rate monitor/calorie burned fitness device to determine calories burned. In the cardio section of MFP's exercise, I logged the exercise as Walk or Jog, adding the pace to the title, then entering the duration and calories burned in the respective slots. Yes, this means I have many titles in the cardio type, though I rounded my pace to the nearest quarter mile. So, I have as cardio types many of the following examples depending on how I did each time: Walk 4.25 mph, Walk 4.50 mph, Walk 4.75 mph, Jog 5.00 mph Jog 5.25 mph and so on. I chose to log this way because I like to see improvement over time. One week you may have times hovering at a certain pace, then the next week, maybe you add longer bits of jogging to your walks and, so, you'll see your average pace get faster. I hope this helps! Happy trails!!
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    Thanks guys. I can’t afford a Fitbit so I might do map my walk. I’m good about timing- I write it on a piece of paper before I go outside. I guess if I log something that burns less calories then it’s better than putting in something that burns a lot more calories than I actually did.
    Really appreciate you both for helping! 🙂🙂🙂
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    I use the Edmondo app on my phone. It sincs directly to myfitnesspal!
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    You're doing a fantastic exercise, that's the main thing. If you already have a phone, just track with one of the many free apps. I'd still call it a walk until you really are consistently jogging, but many of the jog apps will detect walk intervals automatically and compensate for that as well as possible. (Best to wear the phone in a pouch on your belt tight against the skin so it can detect motion accurately.)
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    Map my run will sync to MFP. You can choose on MMR formit to be recorded as walking, running, jogging, intervals, etc, but then it takes pace into account and and calculates calorie burn from that. I like how it syncs automatically within minutes, and I don’t have to go back into MFP and log it myself.
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    Thanks everyone! I’m doing the MapMyWalk app and going walking when I can. I don’t think I can ever jog consistently because of my flat feet so I think the walking app is better for me.☺️☺️☺️