Omelette recipes

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Hi, I find the easiest and tastiest way to get a lot of protein at breakfast is an omelette. My fav is ham and cheese. Does anyone have any recipes for high protein omelettes? I aim for about 40g protein for breakfast.


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    Not sure of the protein counts but some of my favorites are:

    Cheddar, mushroom, spinach

    Broccoli, cheddar, spinach

    Sausage, mushroom, onion

    Red pepper, brocolli, ham, cheddar

    Steak, cheese
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    I find any veggies I have in fridge sauteed them up and add a protein. Omlettes are so good anyways you can't go wrong. My favorite way to use left overs.

    My go to is sauteed onion and garlic is a separate pan add ham at end to warm up ham. Sauteed bell pepper in omlettes pan. Add eggs to pan with bell pepper so that bell pepper is thought the eggs. Then add sauteed pan and cheese.
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    If you are looking for new flavour combinations for protein based omelettes, google okonomiyaki. These are Japanese savoury pancakes often incorporating shrimp and pork.
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    I love these. Cream, blueberry omelette done in butter. French do know their omelette!
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    For protein; maybe add extra egg whites and cottage cheese, and extra of whatever meat you’re adding (I tend to go easy on breakfast meats though, because they’re so heavy on sodium).

    For recipes; my favorite omelette is caramelized onions and soft goat cheese (the kind with chives in it is so good). Slice a half of a medium white onion, caramelize in butter (add some salt) over medium heat, remove from the pan. Pour in three whisked eggs so they’re in a thin layer, cook til no longer runny and the bottom has some color, put the onions and goat cheese all over the egg layer and use your spatula to roll up the egg til it’s like a big eggy/oniony/cheesy tube of deliciousness. Then I tip it onto a plate, add a little salt and tons of black pepper on top, and tuck it.
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    I love to make a 2 whole egg and a few egg whites omelette with whatever cheese I have and soy chorizo. Before the eggs go in I sautee a mix of hot peppers, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions - with the chorizo added in when the veggies are almost done. Remove that from the pan and start the eggs - push them around a bit (not mixing or chopped) to create large kind of folds or fluffy lumps and before the eggs are all the way done I add cheese then the veggie chorizo mix and fold it over to finish cooking as needed.

    So good. It can end up quite large depending on how many whites you add but the protein is really good - depends on your egg number, amount of chorizo and cheese choice.
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    I don't have an omelette recipe, as I don't really cook. But I DO have an omelette story. Occasionally I order an omelette when I go out to breakfast. As a rule, the omelettes I have eaten in the US are greasy huge uninspired behemoths laying on the plate like a dead fish.

    One day, about 15 years ago, I was sitting at a small cafe at a table with a bright red umbrella - on the Mediterranean coast in the South of France. I ordered a ham and cheese omelette. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. A deck of cards sized portion that was absolute perfection and tasted like a cloud. I savored every bite as if it were a spoonful of gold.

    I think about that omelette often. Now I wish I had the recipe for THAT!!!! LOL.

    Butter! French Butter! Shallots. This is how we cook omelets.

    Omelet fillings

    -Freshly ground pork. Season with sage and a few red pepper flakes.
    -Tofu scramble. Season to your liking.
    -Bacon. Avocado. Monterrey Jack
    -Cream Cheese flavored with fresh garlic and chives.
    -Feta, Olives, Chick Peas, Pickled Cherry Peppers
    -Spinach Garlic Omelet served with Cuban black beans (this is my fave)
    -Add extra egg whites to any of these. (Buy liquid whites)
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    My favorite omelette is spinach, swiss, and onion. I think it would lend itself well to any protein, ham, chicken... not sure about fish, I've never had a fish omelette, and not sure I want to try one. :o
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    Try Jacques Pepin’s method for omelette prep. Perfection!
    As far as fillings, anything goes. I’ve never had fish, or seafood, but a smoked fish would be interesting, lobster or shrimp, may be good as well.
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    I think classic french omelette is all about no browning on the outside, runny on the inside, tiny curd, lots of butter. Classic technique is high heat in seasoned carbon steel pan, but the modern recommendation is moderate heat in a non stick pan. Agitate the egg mixture by either by shaking the pan in a circular motion, or pulling the edge of the runny egg into the centre with a fork to get a tiny curd and then when almost set start folding.

    Julia Child: shake
    Roux Snr: fork
    Pepin: fork