Ladies, what skincare creams do you use?



  • JeBeBu
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    My daughter has sensitive skin and is prone to breakouts. We mix Cetaphil moisturizer with sandalwood...takes care of the dry patches around nose and doesn't leave her skin oily or pores clogged
  • Suuzanne37
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    I use the following:
    Daily A.M. & P.M.

    1. Cleanser - Cetaphil Face Wash
    2. Toner - Pixie Beauty Glow Tonic
    3. Serum - Clarins double serum, no. 7 serum or Pixie Beauty Hydrating milk serum
    4. Moisturizer - Clarins$$$ or Ponds$
    5. Eye cream - No. 7

    2-3 times per week

    1. Scrub - St. Ives
    2. Mask - Clarins

    I highly recommend a good serum for dry skin; Clarins Double Serum is $$$, while No. 7 and Pixie Beauty are $. There other great ones such as Olay.
  • Glazed_and_Confused
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    Oh yes, coconut oil mixed with lotions is fantastic!!

    Yes I’ve tried coconut oil the organic cold pressed one on my face and it didn’t work for my skin type. I got blocked pores and even more black heads, white heads and zits 😰 arghhh