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earlone1earlone1 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
Hi I’m looking to drop about 40lb I e been lifting weights for about 4 years and want to show my hard efforts


  • Wolverine_76Wolverine_76 Member Posts: 4,489 Member Member Posts: 4,489 Member
    Well done for keeping at it for four years that’s awesome. Weight loss can only be achieved through nutrition if you’re eating the wrong things and/or too much you won’t shift the weight. Good news is if you’ve been lifting for 4 years you’ll have a decent physique under the weight you want to lose.

    Use the tools on here track your foods be honest with it weigh your food if you haven’t already you’ll be surprised by how much food weighs, stick to your macros as close as you can and set your weight lose to 2 lbs a week this will give you the correct deficit. Set your workouts intensity correctly and this will give the correct calories you should be consuming.

    MFP burns for workouts are way off if you don’t have a tracker like a fit bit or apple watch which are more accurate eat back only 50% of the calories you burn if using the set mfp ones. Get protein in before or after your workouts to fuel/replenish the protein used in your workouts.

    For tracking your progress don’t get to caught up with the scale it’s the most least accraute way of measuring wants going on inside instead weigh once a week on the same day ideally first in the morn before you eat or drink anything and after you’ve been to the loo always weigh in the same type of clothes. Also monthly take progress photos and measurements you’ll not notice the changes going on in your body so a photo will aid you in seeing the progress made and if you’re losing inches of waist what you’re doing is working.

    Well done for what you’ve achieved so far stick with it mix it up so your body doesn’t plateau follow these steps and you’ll lose a couple of lbs a week . Good luck
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