Caloric cakes?!



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    Peanut butter. Cake. Cheese. Pasta and rice aren't too bad - I can get by with 50-60 grams, potatoes aren't bad, oven chips are ok too. Gin and diet tonic is great value, prosecco is pretty good too.
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    Ice Cream is reserved for special treats. The days when you have enough calories left for two "servings" of ice cream...heaven :smiley:

    Pasta is not as regular of an occurrence as it used to be. Also, as a previous poster has mentioned, 1.5 servings satisfy well and isn't a huge caloric burden. I also load up on the fibrous vegetables when eating pasta, so I feel fuller faster.
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    wmweeza wrote: »
    The first time I actually weighed my beloved peanut butter, I cried.

    I still have it occasionally but gone are the days of just spooning it out of the jar!

    I use PB2 powdered peanut butter. Mix with a bit of water or add to foods and it quells my PB cravings

    Tried it, wasn't a fan. :( I'm the type who'd rather have real peanut butter (or ice cream, or cookies or...) once in a while, than be able to eat the so-so stuff more often. :)
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    I love that Costco sheet cake! I have it once a month for a monthly birthday get together with friends. I have my one piece and enjoy the hell out of it.