where are the 5'4" girls..... age 25+.....

Where are the 5'4" girls, age 25+, which weighed around 180 before losing weight and have no kids??? Seem like I am asking for a lot :wink: I would love to hear some success stories with pictures. I also would love to have any tips that you can give me! Last week was my first full week of logging food and I can already tell a difference! I am 5’4”, weighing around 180, age 27, w/ no kids! I gained all my weight when I got married in Fed 2007. I was around 135 then… I know I can do it! Just need some motivation and tips! My goal is to be at 135 before my 5 year wedding anniversary (Feb 24, 2012). :smile:


  • kleavitt1992
    kleavitt1992 Posts: 592 Member
    not over 25 but im 5ft 3 and my start weight was 182 back in nov. so if u want to add feel free even tho i dont meet all the requirements lol i have before and after pics. on my profile
  • Well, I am 5'4" and above 25, and have no kids, but my starting weight two years ago was 233 lbs. I am 137 lbs now.
  • kwinty37
    kwinty37 Posts: 66
    Yall both look great!!!
  • epeebes
    epeebes Posts: 89 Member
    I'm 5'4 and 29yrs old and currently 189.5lbs, Highest weight being 220lbs before MFP. I Don't have before and after pics since I'm not at goal yet but I also want to be 135lbs. So if you want a friend for this journey with similar goals feel free to add me :flowerforyou:
  • toots99
    toots99 Posts: 3,794 Member
    That's me! 5'4", started at 249, down to 146 now and kid free! And I'm definitely over 25! :laugh:

    Here's my thread with my 100 lb loss pics: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/299802-100-lbs-gone
  • I am 5'4" and weighed 216 when I started. I'm now down to 178. I have no kids and am trying to get to about 140ish. Not real sure yet. I have pics on my profile.
  • kwinty37
    kwinty37 Posts: 66
    Did you girls lose all your weight naturally.... just exercising and eating healthy???
  • jrhstarlight
    jrhstarlight Posts: 867 Member
    The first time I lost weigh yes I exercised and strength trained during the week and cut out sodas and french fries mostly and tried to cut back on fast food in general. This time around exercising more roughly the same sometimes and trying to eat better period as in more fruits and veggies, which is hard for me right now, slow progress adding them in.
  • kwinty37
    kwinty37 Posts: 66
    thanks for the info!
  • Tamishumate
    Tamishumate Posts: 1,171 Member
    I a m a girl, and 5'4 .......:bigsmile:
  • uniqute1888
    uniqute1888 Posts: 182 Member
    5'4" and 27. most comfortable weight was around 140 and highest 185,,, Now am 160.. cant seem to break that number no matter how hard i try . Although lately havent been trying that hard. Need to get back on the wagon!
  • irishgal44
    irishgal44 Posts: 1,181 Member
    I am 5'4" and started at around 230 and am currently the low 170's. I lost it all through eating right and exercise. I have never weighed below the 160's ever, so I have no clue what that feels like; however, I really want it bad.

    Feel free to add me anyone. :smooched:
  • epeebes
    epeebes Posts: 89 Member
    lost the weight naturally exercising lots and eating right. pills or fad diets never worked for me.
  • chevy88grl
    chevy88grl Posts: 3,937 Member
    Well. I'm 5'4", 35 years old and my starting weight last April (2010) was 177lbs. I am now maintaining 143-145lbs. I do have kids though.
  • audigal2008
    audigal2008 Posts: 1,129 Member
    5'4" here. 32 yrs old. I do have 2 kids though, 16 yr old girl and 7 yr old son, good lord lol
  • yeyeyefish
    yeyeyefish Posts: 15 Member
    5'4'' or 5'5" 29 210 no kids. I'm just starting out as well. I'm just trying to cut calories and workout as much as I can inside since it's been a record breaking 107 here in Arizona this weekend. Yes, that is odd in late August. I'm just trying to slim down so I can look better in my bridesmaid dress on February 29, 2012.
  • kleavitt1992
    kleavitt1992 Posts: 592 Member
    Did you girls lose all your weight naturally.... just exercising and eating healthy???

    yep well that and metformin for my pcos but i killed myself working out and eating my alotted cals lol
  • im 5ft4 27 and my starting weight is 251lbs just starting so feel free to add me as our journey will be similar i am hoping to lose the weight through changing eating habits and exercising more.
  • Happyoceangirl
    Happyoceangirl Posts: 1,993 Member
    Seems to be a lot of us out there. I'm 5'4 and highest on record was 187. Have been maintaining in the neighborhood of 135 for about a year, pictures in my profile. Looking forward to seeing your success story. You're doing this!:smile:
  • I was in that boat although shorter (I am 5'1") - when I got married I was a size 12 (around 145) but then gained another 30 lbs over the first couple of years. My initial goal was to get back to a size 12 and then I took it in 5 lb increments from there. It took some time (about 2 years) but I ended up at 120 which is a decent although not slender weight for me and one I could maintain. I am trying to lose 10 more lbs to help reduce strain on my knees when I run. Good luck - you can do this if you eat right and exercise 80-90% of the time.
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