Good morning, everybody! I just wanted to check in to introduce myself here; I was a member a while back but not very active...I was using Calorie Count @, but they have closed out their weight control pages so I am back...This seems to be the only site online that one can actually log exercise, calories, homemade recipes, etc., and keep it simple enough to follow along!
I'm glad to be doing this again ~ finally.
I lost 130lbs a few years back but have since gained some 50lbs back. It all started when my late husband passed away 5 years ago; he was half my workout, being bedridden, in a wheelchair...due to Agent Orange.
I do have one question tho' ~ I joined a weight loss challenge yesterday to lose some by the end of the year and now I can't find the page...does anyone know how to look it up without going through 100+ pages? Any help would be greatly appreciated...and THANKS!!
I'm looking forward to getting my waist back! ;)


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    Hi whitewave39. Sorry to read about your husband. That is devastating. I too have just come back after being away a few years. All the best for your weight loss journey. If you find the link to the challenge, could you please post it here... I didn't know there was such a thing. I need some motivation!
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    Hi BirdleBirdle...thank-you very much for the kind words and yes! It is very devastating...I think depression has played a HUGE role in my gaining some of that weight back. I've heard that it can do that; plus, I was always a very sound sleeper ...something I am not, anymore. So lack of sleep I've heard can also play a part, right??
    If anyone answers my question here I will be sure to pass on the word; I'm still getting used to how to log my calories LOL! So I look forward to getting the hang of things around here...
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    OMYGoodness, everyone! Here I am. Again. I am so frustrated and upset with myself, having to lose this weight yet again!
    I got on the scale this morning (after a week of walking outside for up to 2 miles at a time, hours on the treadmill, etc etc)...and I actually gained 1.5lbs since last week. I didn't expect to lose much in that short time, but I surely didn't expect to GAIN either!! 😰
    I used to be diligent about counting calories years ago; it seems to be the only thing that really works for me...and I think this time I am going back to that. But I am keeping it on the "down low" so I don't alarm my girls ~ at least 2 of them. (I have 6 daughters, 2 sons)
    Recently I was talking to 2 of them & they both informed me that counting calories leads to an eating disorder, as one can become obsessed with everything one eats. I never thought of it that way ~ when I have done it in the past, I made certain that I focused on healthy foods, not so many sweets, so every calorie came with at least SOME nutrition!
    So...mum's the word, folks! I am *secretly back* to counting...just don't tell my girls!! And we'll have a deal. OK?!? 🤐