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shinebrightxoxo Posts: 20 Member
edited August 2019 in Health and Weight Loss
Has anyone ever tried Noom? I must admit I’m slightly interested. The company claims its a different approach that helps keep the weight off for good. Is it worth it? 🙃


  • kimny72
    kimny72 Posts: 16,010 Member
    I've seen other threads on it and know some people who tried it. It's basically about building healthy habits, and they provide you with a coach. I don't know anyone whose decided to pay for it long term.

    There's no magic. I think they're just trying to monetize the idea that there is no magic "diet", you just need to change your bad eating/exercise habits to good eating/exercise habits.

    I haven't personally used it though, that's just second hand! If you use the search function, you might be able to find the other threads :smile:
  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,977 Member
    Why pay for something you can get here for free?
    DJMKT Posts: 39 Member
    Tried Noom, motivational messaging was nice but didn’t feel I got anything more beyond that, that I couldn’t get from my fitness pal app. It does provide educational insight but didn’t think it was that great. Like this app and the community better.
  • YadaYadaYada64
    YadaYadaYada64 Posts: 50 Member
    Tried it, saw nothing you cannot get here. As a try anything dieter, I was hoping for some new psychological perspective. Guess what: there’s nothing new... not a bad product, might be helpful to someone new to dieting.
  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 25,215 Member

    Here is my favorite post from previous Noom threads:
    I wrote this on a previous post about the topic, sharing it here...

    I used Noom to get back on track with weight loss two years after my last soiree with MFP. I signed up for the 2 week free trial and canceled it before the trial ended because I had read some reviews that made me a little suspicious of their customer service practices and because logging food in the app was so tedious. Their database isn't nearly as large as MFPs and they make you scroll so much to get the right amounts (e.g.: scrolling slowly from 1 to 300 if something is 300 grams).

    I continued with Noom through the free version of the app because I found the daily behavior modification articles very motivating and the quizzes/challenges were fun. Once you cancel, the app reverts to the free version and you can still read all the articles and quizzes. I was really motivated by getting the little check mark that said I read all the articles and competed my daily check in. Truth be told, the articles get significantly worse after about 2.5 months.

    With the free version, I didn't have access to the recipes, personal coach, or group chats, but I found ways around this. I have accountability through my partner at home who is also on a fitness journey and I found that the MFP forums give me all the "group" accountability I need. It's enough to check into these forums and remember I'm not doing this alone and plenty of posters here have similar questions that I have and are seeking support. I sought out recipe recommendations through my Fitbit community and through Facebook groups I was a part of.

    All in all, I found the free version of Noom useful for it's daily psychology-based behavior modification articles. I learned a lot about myself and lost ~15 pounds (half my goal weight). Throughout the time I was using the free version of Noom for the articles, I used MFP to track calories because Noom's calorie tracker is awful and I used the MFP forums to stay "connected" and feel supported. After I was done with all the articles (after 4 months) I just stuck with MFP beacuse by that point logging and reading MFP articles and forums had become a daily habit too. Their whole program is CICO + behavior modification. MFP is good at the first, but behavior mod is incidental. Noom is better at the latter. For me, using both gave me the best of both apps.

    I saved $180 by doing it this way. It may not be the way that works for everyone, but it worked for me. I credit Noom for motivating me in the beginning with the kinds of articles that you can't find on MFP, helping me stick to this journey for 4 consecutive months, and now in entering my 6th month without Noom. It's definitely an excellent tool for creating new habits and learning about your relationship with food...which is the whole point of the program.
  • nancy939393
    nancy939393 Posts: 12 Member
    I am currently using noon and mfp. I find their calorie recommendations are horrible, and I hate their food logging software. I use myfitnesspal to set calories and food log. The daily readings and such are helping me. A lot of the studies are ones I' be seen in depth before when take psychology based courses on increasing happiness and people skills. Sometimes with slightly different applications. Since June when I started noom I have lost 20 pounds, and 42 in the past year. So it has sped up my weightloss. But I take it all with a grain of salt, and ignore things that seem plain wrong like their calorie estimate for me.
  • shinebrightxoxo
    shinebrightxoxo Posts: 20 Member
    Thank you everyone! I was curious about the hype... and was even tempted to do their trial! I looked up reviews and I saw positive things. Just wasn’t sure what they actually offered considering their website was vague as in regards to what they actually offer!.
  • sadiebot
    sadiebot Posts: 5 Member
    I’m using it and like it as a way to check in to my weight loss goals every day. The coach seems like a combo of a chatbot and a real person, but I’ve convinced myself that someone is checking up on me, and that helps me. I also feel like if I’m paying for it, I’d better use it, so that’s accountability for me too.