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Hello fam!
It’s been a hot minute. I’m back again for round two. I used MyFitnessPal to lose weight and I’ve gained some of the weight i lost. This online community was very helpful towards my first weight loss goal especially the progress pics. This time around I won’t be as hard on myself. I have experienced all the highs and lows and know what to expect from body and to not freak out. Granted this is a lifelong journey, but I’m also losing weight because I’m working on paying off my school loan next year and taking a big summer trip to celebrate. I want to get back to my fabulous bikini ready self!😄

This morning I woke up and just said to myself “it’s time to lose the weight”. This was exactly what I told myself in 2017 and it worked. When you are ready you are ready, you know it and make no excuses. So I weighed myself and took all my body measurements.

Some stats
I’m 5’2” and 160lb. I’m insanely pear shaped. All the weight is stuck on my hips, thighs and butt.

1/2017 - 175 lbs
1/2018/138 lbs ( my lowest. My initial goal was 130 Ibs. I didn’t even realize how small I was until i compared my pictures recently. The eyes can be deceiving 🙂)

2019 New goal: lose 25lbs by summer 2020. This time around I’ll stop at 135lb. Just in the high normal of my BMI.
MFP: Goal to lose 1lb a week. I prefer the slow approach. Losing inches is way more important to me this time around.

What worked for me before
-The right mindset: persistence—perseverance-consistency
-Daily weigh-ins
-Daily calorie tracking on MFP. I weighed 98% of my food on my digital scale and I also have an extra food scale to use at work.
-Monthly body measurements
-Counting steps:15,000 steps daily for 1 year straight.
-Creating google excel spreadsheet for a visual of my progress to keep track of food intake, steps, monitoring my body changes to not freak out and tracking my body measurements.

Good luck to all of you wonderful people on this journey. It won’t be easy but we can do this. Stay strong💪


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    I'll send you a FR :) I'm in maintenance (6th year) but currently working on a 5-7lb weight creep. Having friends on the journey to support helps. I'm the same height as you.

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    We've got very similar stats! My heaviest is 180s, CW: 161, GW: 130-ish. When I stuck with it last time around, I got down to like 125, but with my hips that was still a size 6. I'd love to get back to that ballpark again, and after dozens of false starts, I'm here again in earnest! Like you said, when the motivation clicks, you just know. I've been back for 2 weeks and have dropped the initial 10 pounds. I always lose so fast out of the gate, then slow down to a normal pace. I'm hitting that point now and hope to keep my momentum and motivation going! If anyone on this thread would like to add me as mutual motivation, please do! Good luck to everyone in their journey!
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    I’m back again too. And you’re right about having to be ready to do it. I’m 5’6”. Last time my start weight was 202 lbs. my highest weight ever. That was my motivator. My goal was 140. I made it to 155 and quit. I gained back 40 pounds. But as long as I was under 200 I seemed to be ok with it. Then the first of May I got on the scale and weighed 207. 😳 I looked back at pictures of me at 155, which I thought was still to heavy and I looked great. I looked healthy. I had gone from a size 16 to a size 8! Our minds eye can deceive us. Looking in the mirror at the 190+ pound me I had myself convinced that I looked ok and I was under 200. But looking at pics? That told a whole different story.
    So I’m back and this time my goal is 155. I looked good and healthy at that weight.