Looking for Active IIFYM Friends

I've been following the iifym way of eating, and really loving it. Currently my friends list is pretty dead, so I'd love to find some more active friends who I can encourage and who can encourage me. Following the iifym way of eating isn't necessary, but I'd love open Diaries so I can take a look at what you're eating to get some ideas and you you can look at mine :-) also it allows for even more transparent accountability.

I'm a mama of four kids, four and under, although my oldest turns 5 tomorrow! Life is busy, I homeschool, stay at home with the kids, run the house, and I'm working on losing my baby weight :-)


  • red0801
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    Welcome! Can I ask what is iifym?
  • LyndaBSS
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    red0801 wrote: »
    Welcome! Can I ask what is iifym?

    Ditto, never heard of it.
  • Cahgetsfit
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    I'm a If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) follower too.

    For those of you who haven't heard of it - it just means eat whatever you want, as long as it fits your daily allocated Protein, Fats and Carbs macros.

    I have an open diary, but I am a grumpy old lady, I talk too much, I vent, I can be obnoxious and rude and not everyone's cup of tea. Happy to be added, and if my forthrighteousness (that's not even a word LOL) is too offensive, that's OK too, just unfriend me :)

    Oh - i'm not rude to people - like, I mean, I like to respect people - by rude I mean there are lots of kittens in my posts.
  • PNGmeri2000
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    Sorry only respondinh now! Yes - it's just figuring out what your body needs macro wise and then eating that. I am LOVING it! So much more energy and actually building muscle now. I definitely wasn't eating enough of the right macros Before.
  • FarahRahamtullah
    How do you calculate how much of each macros you should be consuming daily?
  • lyn_2013
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    Hey!! Feel free to add me as a friend!