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Has anyone tried to eat lean cuisines everyday for lunch? Does it work? I’m currently doing this.


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    It depends what else you eat throughout the day and how that compares to your caloric and nutritional needs.

    I find Lean Cuisines too low in both veggies and protein, so it does not meet my needs, although it can make a tasty treat once in awhile.
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    I don't personally find them filling enough to count as a lunch for me. I would have to eat something else with them. But if they fill you up, they can usually fit well in your calorie goal. If they come close, but you feel like you need a little something extra, you could always have a piece of fruit along with it. That would be good to supplement nutrition as well.
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    I eat something from the freezer (not usually LC, but a frozen meal) probably 3-4 days a week. The ones I get tend to be in the 400 calorie range, and I try to stick with higher-protein options.

    You may find a LC alone isn't much food after a while. As others have said, you can easily build a meal around them with a few additions. There's nothing intrinsically bad about them.

    Same here, I would need to bulk up a lean cuisine with some vegetables or something. I eat frozen meals for lunch too. I like the Marie Callendars and Boston Market meals, as they're pretty well-portioned but also inexpensive.
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    The only issue I can see aside from what's already been mentioned is that they can be quite high in sodium, so definitely make sure you are getting enough water throughout the day. I find too much salt makes me thirsty as heck and I tend to confuse thirsty cues with hungry cues.
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    Has anyone tried to eat lean cuisines everyday for lunch? Does it work? I’m currently doing this.

    When I was working, I went that route. I didn't lose any weight and was left so hungry. I had to bring food from home every day to balance it out, so I just stopped buying them after a few months.
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    Has anyone tried to eat lean cuisines everyday for lunch? Does it work? I’m currently doing this.

    If you stay in your calorie budget during the day everything works for weight loss.

    Whether or not you find them satiating and mentally satisfying enough to be sustainable long term is a question you will have to answer for yourself over time. What works for weight loss doesn't always work for sustainable weight loss. LC is not enough food for me but some people eat a much lighter lunch and are perfectly happy doing it.

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    When I was doing my big push to lose weight a few years ago, I ate lean cuisines and other similar frozen dinners for lunch every week day. I'm a relatively small person with low calorie needs, so the frozen meal + some veggies and possibly a yogurt for a snack mid afternoon was enough to keep me full. It worked great for me as part of a larger calorie counting plan - it's all pre-prepared, calories right on the package so I can plug it right into MFP. In the end, if they taste good and you are able to similarly control the rest of the calories you eat in a day and keep it under your limit, all good.
  • Thanks guys for the help. I’ve restarted my diet now for 11 days... I try to keep my calories down to 1050 a day... lost 19 pounds so far... a lot more to go!
  • I like to stay below 1100 calories a day because that’s the number where I feel will be the best for me to lose weight at. This has worked me for in the past. It’s not medically supervised.
  • Yep, I’m living proof that it’s hard work. I’ve been yo-yo dieting for years! Food is an addiction, and I can admit that.
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