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Starting again, looking for people to add.

This is probably my hundreth time trying to lose weight, but I need to make a change before I get too sick and too out of shape. I'd love to add new friends on here, so if you want to add me please do so!


  • nurseonwheels16
    I'm very new to this but I would love to keep in touch and cheer each other on. I have tried a million things to lose weight and I never succeed because I sabotage myself. I am praying this time will be different.
  • duxlady
    duxlady Posts: 18 Member
    Hundredth timer here too!
    The best time of my life was when I was in control of my eating and active. I want to take that back. So today I am facing it and will make those changes! Would love to give and receive support!
  • lrsirius
    lrsirius Posts: 328 Member
    Not quite a hundred 😉 but enough times that I am done with not living my best life because of being less fit and uncomfortable with my weight. Happy to add you.
  • ginadelao604
    ginadelao604 Posts: 3 Member
    I’m back I need all the support I can get
  • DarlaTremere
    DarlaTremere Posts: 7 Member
    Me too. This stuff is hard :(
  • annliz23
    annliz23 Posts: 3,523 Member
    You can all do it, I have found nothing in life is easy and this is the same it's just about being consistent with exercise and food, some days are bad some good learn to roll with the times and remember you are not alone on this journey!
  • agentventi
    agentventi Posts: 84 Member
    add me :)
  • finding_teresa
    finding_teresa Posts: 3 Member
    How do I add?
  • lenhill04
    lenhill04 Posts: 56 Member
    Everyone feel free to add me. I just started back logging, after gaining a ton. Currently on keto, and I have an open diary.
    DMCNR Posts: 4 Member
    Happy to connect! I’ve been on Keto for over a year. Doing it with my daughter. And looking to lose twenty pounds by the end of the year which is not all that I have to lose but would be good progress.
  • lrsirius
    lrsirius Posts: 328 Member
    Accepted! Happy to help support your in your goals. Glad you reached out.
  • westie9915
    westie9915 Posts: 6 Member
    here again as well! adding you all!
  • StaciMarie2020
    StaciMarie2020 Posts: 68 Member
    edited September 2019
    I'm back again. I lost ~50 and reached 'maintenance' in 2014. Stayed in maintenance for a while but then strayed. Stopped tracking. Stopped being particularly active. Got back over 150 recently (some of it food mass and water weight, but an eye opener anyhow) and I've been back at it for 8 days now. Logging here since middle of last week. 145.7 this morning. Looking toward 130. I'm 5'5", 44 years old.

    I don't eat clean. I don't get as much exercise as I need to. But I am for a slight deficit daily and I know that in the long run, that will mean I lose the weight. Its for me - no one else.
  • Lshona
    Lshona Posts: 393 Member
    I’m sending a request
  • Shari53063
    Shari53063 Posts: 11 Member
    I’m starting again too looking for friends to add
  • Teddybear687403
    I am back again, but now my health really depends on it. I was supposed to have my gallbladder out this past Tuesday, but my blood sugar was to high. I have been having gallbladder issues since my son was a toddler and he is now 16. They just finally diagnosed me with gallstones and enlarged gallbladder. I am rescheduling it for November 20th so that will give me time to loose hopefully at least 20 pounds and get my sugar stable. Plus after I get my gallbladder out I won't be able to eat a lot of the bad food so that will help afterwards to keep the weight off.