My before and current!



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    Girllllll...the answer is YES, honey--YES and super mega YAY and BOOM! You look so super good, amazing and gorgeous :smiley: I'm so very happy for you, you fabulous winner you.
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    You have done exceptionally well and look gorgeous
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    Congrats! Best of luck losing the rest. :)
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    WOW. You look like a different person. Way to go. I love seeing this though, it gives me motivation!!
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    Congratulations! So happy for your success!
  • Amazing job! :)
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    Great work. The journey was tough and you kept your goal in mind each day. Well done. Lots to be proud of. Now you can can only look forward 🤝💪
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    Wow!!! You look amazing and happy and healthy! You are such an inspiration. Way to go!
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    Wow! You look amazing!
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    Always hated having my picture taken 95 pounds ago. I’m starting to learn to love myself & realize that I deserve a happy & healthy life- for my boys & myself! I can remember going shopping and cringing buying a size 20 in women’s jeans! With tracking my calories & staying at a 800-1000 calorie a day diet I am now wearing size 6 jeans (small and medium shirts & dresses). I still have about 10 more pounds to go and am trying to adjust to increasing my calories in order to give myself a little more leeway. Hope that my journey can help someone struggling realize that you can do anything with the effort and mindset!

    We seem to have similar stats! I'm also doing 1000 calories deficit a day, how long did it take you?
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    How did you achieve this? So inspiring!! Well done to you :)
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    Wow! I had to do a double-take! Awesome job! Inspiring.
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    You are so pretty congrats
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    You are beautiful in both pictures..but look like two different people.. maybe your own daughter in the second? Not fair how weight makes us look older. Great job.
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    I never felt that big, looking at the pictures now I look huge.
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    Wow 🤩
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    AWESOME!!! Great WORK!!!!
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    U all look Amazing !! ❤️❤️