Summer weight gain

So I’m getting back on track and waking up from the summer stupor. I hit my goal in May and gained 5lbs by the end of summer. Really seems counterintuitive since I was working so hard to feel comfortable in my bathing suit by summer! LoL! Anyone else gain weight in the summer or is it just me?


  • steveko89
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    I tend to struggle with adherence during the summer due to the amount of gatherings and activities where I don't have as much control over the menu.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Yep, I gained 5lbs this summer, a 2 week cruise, a long weekend away, a few birthday celebrations... have been working on getting rid of the weight creep since early August, its slow going but I'll get there. Oh wait, now there's another cruise on the horizon! hmmm! such is my life B):D
  • gradchica27
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    Summer is my kryptonite. Vacations, parties all the time, weird schedule/reduced gym access and heat indexes hovering 105-118 make outdoor activities less appealing. So I lounge around, eat, and drink 😆

    Plus my summer wardrobe is stretchy tanks and skirts/dresses, so too forgiving.

    Fall brings back the reality check of skinny jeans and Christmas card pictures. So yeah. I’m back to losing my fun summer weight again too!
  • Evamutt
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    don't walk my 2-3 mile during the summer, too hot, also while I don't eat "bad" it's too hot to do recipes so just have simple meat/poultry with whatever is handy. I do better in the cold. I do make comfort yummy foods but weigh everything. I'm making a wild rice/mushroom soup in my instant pot tomorrow because it'll be cooler
  • staticsplit
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    It's a wash for me usually. I eat more but I'm also walking/running about 15k steps per day most days, and more when I go on holiday. I hibernate in winter--it's dark at like 3.30 pm here at the worst of it.
  • pjwrt
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    bwahahaha! HA! It's just you. Winter is my worst time.

    18 hour nights. Just chilly enough to stay inside. Always a little rainy. Terrible riding weather on my scoot (it goes into storage/maintenance mode) and bicycle (it sits in my den staring at me).

    I'm going to get a few pristine acres in Santa Monica and enjoy their endless summer. (That's a joke, innit. I'd never move to California and Santa Monica hasn't seen pristine acres in a 100 years.)
  • Maxxitt
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    +1 for summer weight gain of a few pounds - it's the traveling and eating out, the local breweries' summer ales, and slacking at the gym because I am outdoors all day (I burn more calories with the former than the latter). But it's all good. Come September once the traveling is over, I get back to a routine and get back to baseline in time for winter holidays. "The Circle of Life" :wink:
  • SuzySunshine99
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    Yeah, for sure my maintainence window shifts to the higher side during the summer. I work less, I go out more. BBQs, parties, vacations, all of that. I stay active, but not enough to counteract the summer fun.

    In the winter, I work REALLY long hours and don't have time for extra food, bored eating, etc. so I tend to be a little lighter from about September to May.
  • sgriska
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    Yeah, living in Georgia with the summer heat gives me plenty of excuses not to exercise as much and to eat a lot more ice cream than I otherwise would, so summers are tough for me. Just getting back on the horse again to lose what I've gained back, and looking forward to getting out more come fall.
  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    arrgghh yes summer has been awful for my weight :confounded:
  • riffraff2112
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    Exact opposite problem. I am super active in the summer and tend to out exercise whatever extra calories I add due to bbq's, beer and ice cream. Winter (especially in the prairies) are brutal and I tend to stay inside way too much.
  • elisa123gal
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    Mine is more of a problem of not seasons..but vacations. That is one challenge I can't maintaining during my vacations. So..back to reduction I go...
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    Mine is more of a problem of not seasons..but vacations. That is one challenge I can't maintaining during my vacations. So..back to reduction I go...

    The Half Size Me podcast had a great episode on this recently.

    Have a weekly plan
    A weekend plan (if that is different for you)
    AND a vacation plan - changing one habit per trip.

    Another poster mentioned she loses the weight she will gain in vacation BEFORE the trip. Much like earning the money before buying something.

    I have the same issue,But hope to use these strategies in the future