Need help 426 pounds and depressed

I need motivational stories about people who were over 400 lbs and not very active and how the lost it how did you get the strength to do it. I am so depressed all i wanna do is stay in my house


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    Your best motivation might be to browse through the Sucess Stories section of the community.

    There are many, many people who have lost 1/2 their body weight or more. And just as many if not more people that lost significant amounts and are still works in progress.

    An example I found within the first few pages...

    Nobody gains weight overnight, and nobody is going to lose the weight overnight. But it starts with making a change, then turning that into long term changes. Read the forums more often, and you will find that many struggled for quite some time before they found what worked best for them. There are a lot of physically active members here who had all but given up on ever being the people that could do those things. But they chose to do them.

    YOU have to want change. If you make that decision, there are plenty of people who will help you along the way.
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    There is a lovely group of people who have a lot to lose, very helpful and very motivated. I don't know how to create a link - @NovusDies can you post it please?
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    It’s often hard to have an exercise routine when it’s painful to even walk more. Concentrate on eating at a calorie deficit, you don’t need to exercise to lose weight. I lost 100 pounds before I even began to walk more.
    You can absolutely do this!
  • Jackie9003
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    NovusDies wrote: »
    Jackie9003 wrote: »
    There is a lovely group of people who have a lot to lose, very helpful and very motivated. I don't know how to create a link - @NovusDies can you post it please?

    Your wish is my command:

    Thank you 😊
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    My starting weight wasn't as heavy but the principles are similar in the sense that in the beginning, I could only plank for six seconds, I could only do walks and I was always tired going up hills .. I definitely couldn't jog let alone run. It was frustrating. When I started to lose weight though, that made it easier to plank ... I found I could do a slow jog during my walks and my fitness increased. As my fitness increased and I ate more, I became stronger and I lost more weight.

    So as other people have pointed out, concentrate on calorie intake first, do very leisurely walking just to make sure you keep moving. Once you get lighter and feel better, then you can start to introduce more high intensity exercise. Good luck - you can totally do this.
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    This is a friend of mine. Both him and his wife lost a lot of weight! He was not very active at all when he started his journey.
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    Welcome to the community! <3

    If you haven't already, read the stickies at the top of the getting started forum. Very informative and helpful.

    Check out the links members have provided above. You are worth this!

    Buy a food scale. Weigh everything you eat and log into the food diary.

    Good luck with your journey!
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    Just want to wish you well.