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Hello! Calorie help needed

piratesmile88piratesmile88 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
Hi everyone! I've actually been using MFP since March, and off and on before that, but decided to go ahead and join the forums!

I could actually use some help with calories settings, I'm currently trying to recomp.

5'6in, 31F CW: 139lbs, office job (sedentary) but go to the gym 4-6 days a week, 15 minutes cardio and 30-45 minutes weight lifting. I've tried the TDEE calculators and MFP and can't quite figure out where i should be calorie wise. BF when i first got measured at the gym with calipers was 35% at 154lbs, fitbit aria scale still has me around 30-32% bf and i know its unreliable. I currently eat around 1500 calories on non-gym days and about 1600-1800 on gym days.

please help!

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  • piratesmile88piratesmile88 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    kimny72 wrote: »
    Any calculator is just going to give you a starting point. You really just pick one and after 4-6 weeks look at what your weight is doing and go from there.

    MFP is different from a TDEE calculator - MFP does not include exercise calories (it expects you to log your exercise and gives you extra calories at that point) while a TDEE calculator includes your exercise calories and spreads them out evenly over time.

    I think what you're currently eating sounds fine, maybe a little a low but maybe not. If you're comfortable there, stick with it and tweak if you see the scale move too much out of your range over a few weeks.

    If you haven't seen this post, it might help too:


    Thank you!
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