Last film you saw...



  • 777Gemma888
    777Gemma888 Posts: 9,580 Member
    Falling Inn Love but I did not finish watching it all.

    It was a very Kiwi movie. A romance movie the Pure Flix Channel could play, I'd thought.
  • papayahed
    papayahed Posts: 407 Member
    Jonah Hex
  • neilwij
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  • Safari_Gal_
    Safari_Gal_ Posts: 1,461 Member
    Anna - spy movie
  • Reckoner68
    Reckoner68 Posts: 2,139 Member
    The Summer of '84
  • CoffeeAndContour
    CoffeeAndContour Posts: 1,466 Member
    The Sword in the Stone
  • TheBigFb
    TheBigFb Posts: 647 Member
    Once upon a time in Hollyowod
  • Rambo: Last Blood
  • Ad Astra

    Did. Not. Like.
  • Ws2016
    Ws2016 Posts: 431 Member
    Ad Astra. Interesting.
  • happimess01
    happimess01 Posts: 8,714 Member
    The Florida Project
  • honeybee__12
    honeybee__12 Posts: 15,688 Member

    I’ve watched this several times.
    I find it to be very funny but I’m a bit warped and have a weird sense of humor.
    I really like this movie.
  • lx1x
    lx1x Posts: 38,206 Member
    Currently watching man of steel
  • GoJohnGo71
    GoJohnGo71 Posts: 439 Member
    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Six times. I think I like it...
  • Italiana_xx79
    Italiana_xx79 Posts: 567 Member
    Advengers Endgame
  • amorfati601070
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  • 777Gemma888
    777Gemma888 Posts: 9,580 Member
    Hustlers This movie is what Scarface is to men, Hustlers will be for women. Non judgemental women who know that once you're over a certain age, the hustle is real, no matter your beauty or hot quotient. JLo & Constance Wu exemplify the realization and reality women in the adult industry face with the onset of the European explosion ... They're younger, prettier, and risk more in the lounges for far less - $300 per pop vs Ramona's club hustle squeezing as much of the $15,000 from high dollar marks.

    Funniest too real scene you just have to wait for ... Destiny's regular receiving a telephone call from her. The struggle is real ... Wifey escape hatch >>> to the private of privates Lol.

    If you want to see a movie that is "Power " meets "Kitchen" meets the entitled and selfless ruthless wiring of "Scarface" meets a comedic "Bunny ranch and G String divas" ...Watch this movie.
  • 777Gemma888
    777Gemma888 Posts: 9,580 Member
    Rambo: Last blood I enjoyed it. A very relatable storyline despite its atypical Rambo synopsis. Saddens me when I watch movies highlighting the idiocy of teens not listening . Sighs.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    The Florida Project

    that movie created a crush on Willem Dafoe for me.
  • 777Gemma888
    777Gemma888 Posts: 9,580 Member
    Ad Astra

    Did. Not. Like.

    Watched the trailer ... Looked boring with way too much creative [email protected] law of physics. Brad Pitt's acting seems to have deviated from his comedic jerk persona, which does make me think twice about pushing through to watch it, if only to see him ACTUALLY act.