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Apple shape success story pics?!



  • elothenelothen Posts: 152Member Member Posts: 152Member Member
    I wouldn't put a limit on what's possible. I've seen amazing things on this site. I've also seen myself go from a size 44 jeans to size 32. I thought that was impossible, that surely my hip bones required at least a 36!

    I'll pay devil's advocate though. Let's say there is nothing short of major cosmetic surgery to get rid of your belly. There are soooo many more benefits to weight loss and fitness than your appearance alone. Increased energy, increased mental capability, the ability to engage in activities you couldn't before, less likelihood of injury from just walking around, less health risks (diabetes, heart disease, etc. etc.). Yeah, we all want to look like a model or movie star but even if that's not in the cards (I'm still bald ;-) ) all of this is soooo worth it!

    Diet, indeed, is king. Example. I've kept my weight off fairly well over the past 8 years (6'4" 210lbs) and I play indoor soccer 3 nights a week. However, I've been eating like complete and total crap for a couple years now, and drinking too much. It's been showing in my games. This week I re-devoted myself to diet and last night's game was amazing! At the very end of the game I was still sprinting around the field desperately trying to tie us up. I wasn't even breathing hard or very tired 3 minutes after the game. I changed nothing about my cardio routine. In fact, Monday's game I was a lethargic slug that could barely make it through the game. It was 100% the result of a change in diet, and the change was nearly immediate.

    My favorite foods are pizza, cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, fried pickles, cheesy garlic bread, chocolate cake, soda, beer, and wine. I would (and have for years) exist off those exclusively if I could. But the impact of eating clean is, I'd say, extreme. I think everyone needs to find their own balance but the further you can tip that scale towards the healthy foods the more reward you'll see.

    Good luck and keep at it! We're all with you!
  • NGentRDNGentRD Posts: 181Member Member Posts: 181Member Member
    293 - 252
  • motivatedmarthamotivatedmartha Posts: 1,075Member Member Posts: 1,075Member Member
    As we say here 'Poper Job'
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  • adchakadchak Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
    Those of you that have managed to lose weight on an apple shaped body, pl pl pl share your diet/food plans, calories, macro consumptiom. Im a female 44 years 5ft 7 190 lbs lost 23 lbs last yr and went down to 180 and gained 10 back this yr. im super sensitive to wt gain the minute I eat the good food while on vacation, a drink here n there, pasta etc. so i watch n log everythg i eat. Try and do 1300 cals 100+ gms of protein, 80 gms carb rest fat. Thats how i lost wt last yr. but this yr its harder, wt isnt budging that quickly and im impatient
    How I wish I hadnt put on thise 10 lbs in the last 4-5 months ughhh!
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