When I first decided to be healthy, I had no idea how to be a friend. I thought that people liked me because of what I did for them, what I gave them, and how nice I was to them. It never occurred to me that being a friend could mean taking care of myself.
I didn’t realize that friendship also consists of holding fast to my goals in this program no matter what, being gently honest to others in all things, being loyal to this my group, and being true to the program and to myself. But the part that escaped me the most was that there were those who counted me as a friend just because I am me.
The ideal friendship is between good people, and people who share the same virtues. Leading a good life for the sake of friends, is the utmost of friendship itself.
I am doing this, one day at a time......


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    Loved your post this insightful. Have a wonderful day!!
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    Great post and message! So true!
  • AWESOME post! Thanks!!:heart:
  • I've been trying to remind myself of this too - thanks :)
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    Super encouraging thought for the day. It is true though, the more you take care of yourself and your well being, the better friend, mom, wife can be. So many of us forget that. Thanks for the reminder.
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    great post :flowerforyou:
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    Leading a good life for the sake of friends, is the utmost of friendship itself.
    I like that part best because I have a few friends who live very unhealthy lives, I hope to be an example to them that leads them to want to change.