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Gym - Distance/time of day/etc....

HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,380Member Member Posts: 1,380Member Member
Since I moved I've been working out in the fitness center in my complex where I live. That's been great (talk about handy), but it's small, and reality is that I'm 'out growing' it - for what I want to do, I really need access to a full size gym.

I'm not looking for a specialized gym, as I'm primarily doing my own thing. A good selection of weights (and enough racks and benches), a bit of cardio equipment, and a cross-training area (can be small and fairly simple) is all I need.

Where I used to live there was a Crunch nearby that had everything and when I workout (early morning - starting at like 5 a.m.) the crowds weren't too bad. The only gym like that, with hours that I need, near where I now live is a 24 Hour Fitness (which I will be checking out next week).

If I choose a gym closer to work, I have a few more options - but that means packing all my work clothes, makeup, shower supplies, etc. I've always avoided traveling too far to a gym just because of that - is it really a PITA (I'm a woman, so can't just rinse off and toss in some gel and call it a day, ya know)? If you do go straight from gym to work, any tips or tricks that you've found make it easier?

No, I'm not interested in going after work - I have my reasons, mostly knowing myself and that I am far too likely to skip after work workouts (plus I never know when I could get held over at work for unknown lengths of time).


  • COGypsyCOGypsy Posts: 454Member, Premium Member Posts: 454Member, Premium Member
    My gym is very close to work—on the same campus, actually. I work out at 5 am 4 out of 5 days a week and get ready at the gym. I don’t think it’s much of a pain at all, but I’ve gotten it down to system at this point.

    A big part of making it work is that I’ve invested in duplicates of a lot of my toiletries and those just live in my gym bag. That way I don’t ever have to remember whether I packed my deodorant or whatever. Pretty much everything except my makeup and clothes are pre-stocked in the gym bag at this point. I also always, always pack my bag the night before. In fact, I do it almost as soon as I get home from work. I wear somewhat dressy clothes to work—suits, slacks and blazers, shift dresses, that kind of thing. As long as I pay attention when I’m folding and packing, it all looks fine the next day. Occasionally I’ll carry my outfit on a hanger, but that’s pretty rare.

    Like anything else, the big challenge is just getting in the habit of how you’re going to do it. To me, it’s almost easier and definitely quicker to get ready at the gym because there are far fewer distractions there. The day I get ready at home it seems like there’s always one more thing I can squeeze in before I leave that I probably don’t actually have time for, lol.
  • TerythaTerytha Posts: 1,138Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,138Member, Premium Member
    I'm a woman and that's exactly what I do. Rinse, brush.

    I mean, you can choose to do more than that, and fit it into your routine. But it's not like some weird requirement just because you are female instead of male. And it doesn't mean men automatically don't.

    Personally I have a small gym kit and its separate from everything else. But I don't carry much.
  • InspectorRedInspectorRed Posts: 687Member Member Posts: 687Member Member
    I go to the gym at 5:30 in the morning, shower at the gym and go right to work. I don't normally wear much makeup but even when I do (when I have meetings with the bosses) it's not a big deal to get ready at the gym. Right now the gym is on my way to work, but in a year I may be going to a project the opposite direction from my house. If that happens I will likely drive my personal vehicle the 20 miles to the gym and the 20 miles back home, get ready for work at home and then take my company truck to work. It's really all about setting your priorities, if you make your gym time a priority then you will find a way to fit it into your schedule.

    Oh yeah, I definitely agree with @COGypsy, packing your gym bag the night before is required! And I make my protein shake the night before because I drink it as soon as I leave the gym.
  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,380Member Member Posts: 1,380Member Member
    Thanks, I like the idea of just buying a second copy of the basic toiletries and having those just live in the bag - probably the way to go, otherwise I know I'd be bound to forget something.

    I work in a corporate office, so dressing nicely and things like makeup and business clothing is pretty much expected (they can't require makeup, obviously, but either you look the part, or you look like a low level employee). I think I could get a small makeup kit together though that would work, and again, it could live in said gym bag.

    My post workout shake I'd have to have prepped that morning, but could probably keep a dry one ready to go in a baggie/container if I happen to forget to make one before leaving.

    Thanks for the ideas and suggestions so far!
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