missing a lift day, what to do?

first, my workouts (i'm in a newb program):

workout A:
bench presses
tricep pressdowns
calf raises

workout B:
overhead presses (HA!)
pull ups
bicep curls

i do a 2 week rotation:

week 1
monday - workout A
wednesday - workout B
friday - workout A

week 2
monday - workout B
wednesday - workout A
friday - workout B

i'm going to miss monday's workout.

should i skip that day entirely then proceed as normal, or reschedule it for tuesday?

if i reschedule for tuesday that will leave me no rest days between workout A and workout B

if i don't reschedule it for tuesday, i'll miss a day of workout A

any suggestions?

i can only hit the gym monday-friday, weekends are a no-go.


  • middlehaitch
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    You can reschedule if you wish, one back to back event won’t hurt you.

    But in all honesty, I would just call it a miss and carry on with the rest of the week as written.

    Cheers, h.
  • RealWorldStrengthLLC
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    edited October 2019
    Personally, I just train lifting days in order, IE shoulders/accessories/back/chest/legs etc. I don't ever worry about what day of the week it falls. Life happens...sometimes you've gotta work late, or run extra errands, or fix a vehicle etc. Just pick up the next day where you left off.

    Edit. I would just skip a rest day
  • amy19355
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    Look for some bodyweight moves to do outside the gym. Working the core is always good, I think.
  • sardelsa
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    Why not just do the workout on Wednesday and just skip Monday. So you miss one day, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Less confusing that way.
  • riffraff2112
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    Have fun and enjoy. Don't over-think it. There really isn't a right answer here, maintaining the habit is more important than worrying about which workout on which day.

    but since you did ask I'll give my two cents worth

    You are doing two basic exercise routines designed to hit different muscles every time you should just alternate the workout scheduled and replace it with the one that you missed. In my mind you are looking to work different muscles (for the most part) each workout. You may find working out M and then T is not as hard as you think, especially after a few weeks. Muscle groups are different and it is quite common for people, even relative newcomers to workout on consecutive days, in particular if they know they are tied up the next day.

    As for not alternating...not a big deal if you only miss one workout occasionally but you could have a fluke month where you miss 4 or 5 workouts and they all happen to be the same one....not pushing that muscle group to its fullest. I think its best to just think of your cycle as an ABABAB cycle and just do the workouts in that order regardless of what day of the week it happens to be. I have three workouts, ABC and just rotate them through in order (essentially A is chest...B is Shoulders....C is back). Sometimes I do three workouts a week, sometimes as many as 5, sometimes as few as one. If I am real busy and can't get to the gym I will throw in a marathon ABC day and hit everything to ensure the muscles don't have too much time off. I promised myself I will do my best to hit every muscle group at least once a week.

  • Chieflrg
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    You can reschedule if you wish, one back to back event won’t hurt you.

    But in all honesty, I would just call it a miss and carry on with the rest of the week as written.

    Cheers, h.


    Either do a back to back day or finish the week as written.

    You could also bump the schedule to the other week where eccentially you move Monday scheduled to Wednesday and Wednesday scheduled to Friday.

    Honestly it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of your training career though I'm a fan of compliance of not missing a session personally.
  • thanos5
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    thanks everyone. i think i'll go back to back. i guess i just wanted to confirm that it's no big deal to lose a day, if i go that route. i'm trying to gain weight so i'm kinda paranoid about missing a lift day, i don't want any more weight going to fat than it has to.