Not eating enough calories??

My goal for calories is 1,700 but I can’t seem to tally up the calories. Do I need to hit that or can I stay under.


  • thanos5
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    what are your goals? did you plug your numbers into mfp? it should have calculated the correct calorie goal for whatever you're trying to do. you don't want to have too much of a deficit, i always stuck with what mfp told me.

    if you need extra calories...2 words. peanut butter.
  • apullum
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    Are you using a food scale to weigh ALL your food?

    How much under your goal are we talking about?

    What is your height, current weight, goal weight, and pace of weight loss you entered into MFP?

    In general, you should be trying to get as close as you can to your calorie goal without going over. The amount you could safely be under your calorie goal depends on how big your deficit is; you don't want an overly large deficit. However, most people who don't use a food scale are eating more than they think they are.