Excluding Protein, Fat, and Carbs, what else should I track?

Djhfjy Posts: 10 Member
You could track 2 more and i'm debating which i should. What are the most important to track?


  • apullum
    apullum Posts: 4,838 Member
    Depends on your personal goals and any medical needs. Many people choose to track fiber because it often helps with satiety. I would recommend that one if fiber helps you feel full.
  • lemurcat2
    lemurcat2 Posts: 7,881 Member
    I think fiber is important.
  • thanos5
    thanos5 Posts: 513 Member
    I'm diabetec so I track sugar. Also track fiber, which I sometimes switch out with sodium out of curiosity
  • Lillymoo01
    Lillymoo01 Posts: 2,865 Member
    I track sodium and fibre but really the choice is very individual. There is no right or wrong with this one.
  • HeidiMSM
    HeidiMSM Posts: 17 Member
    I would recommend you track fibre as we tend to not get enough, especially if doing low carb or keto. Track sugar or salt depending on your medical condition.
  • mmapags
    mmapags Posts: 8,937 Member
    Fiber. And whatever else you want. I do potassium but that is kind of useless because the data entries mostly don't account for it.
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 5,712 Member
    I track fiber too, having more fiber has helped my health a lot.
  • Zinka61
    Zinka61 Posts: 491 Member
    I track whatever I think I may not be eating enough of. I do find if I eat enough vitamin A and C foods (veggies), I automatically get more fiber than I needs, so I've never bothered to track fiber. I sometimes change the settings to check one nutrient over another or just go to "reports" to check how I'm doing. The potassium entries are a problem as mentioned above, but you *can* find ones that include potassium if you are determined, usually the usda entries. If you eat lots of fruits and veggies, legumes, potatoes, you will notice they are the foods highest in potassium. I track it just because it is so important and so lacking in the typical American diet, plus hypertension is in my family history, and I want to avoid it.

  • nighthawk584
    nighthawk584 Posts: 1,979 Member
    Fiber and Sodium for me too.
  • nooshi713
    nooshi713 Posts: 4,873 Member
    I track fiber, calcium, and iron.