Looking for support and motivation!

Hi everyone! I’m in between jobs, it’s been pretty dang tough. I have too much time on my hands and been stuck in a rut. I’m trying to work on taking care of my body and mind. Looking for some fitness pals and a supportive community! Current goals are to increase my strength and tone up. What’s your fitness goal(s)?!


  • BarryZ63
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    Hey BN, keep pushing. Myself, 56 a competitive cyclist from near Milw. Moving to Fletcher,NC to live, train, and race in the Mountains
  • jasontexas10
    jasontexas10 Posts: 42 Member
    I’m new here. Jason, from Houston. Been doing Strength training for some time - now adding endurance/running. Hoping the best for you! 😊
  • sr2587
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    I’ve been here for about 6 weeks. Once I set a calorie goal, it was amazing how much I was overeating!!! I’ve lost 5lbs in the last 6 weeks. I’ve also added 1 extra day of just cardio/week, along with strength training. So far it’s been fairly easy. I’m glad you’re here! I’ll send you a FR!!
  • Colorado1runner
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    Over the next 3 months I would love to lose 15lbs and prepare for a full marathon next year
  • adamhartshorne
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    Hey, been back on MFP for 6 weeks now d the first time I have got involved with the community. It is really helping.

    6 weeks ago my goal was to lose 2st 10lbs...currently achieved 1st 11lbs. Less than 1st to go!!!
  • WC1982
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    For me I want to build muscle and just stay in shape. Working out/training has been instilled in me for years so it’s just something I do now and have a passion for it. Stay motivated. Eventually it will get easier and become more of a good habit that you enjoy
  • tater_fitness
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    Howdy Botanynerd! Keep your head up each day is a new day to shoot for your goals! I am working on burning off some body fat and keep a consistent schedule for working out. Feel free to add me if you'd like! 👊🏻💪🏻
  • chris_in_cal
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    Over the next 3 months I would love to lose 15lbs and prepare for a full marathon next year

    Me too...though I have '4 months to lose 20 lbs' goal...close enough. How is your progress? Which marathon are you going to sign up for?
  • WSOX37
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