So today I stepped on the scale for the first time in awhile. Just to realize that I am the highest I’ve ever been. I feel so disgusting and never thought I could let my weight get this far. My job has effected my activity, I am sitting most of the day. Along with getting into a car accident earlier this year, the back pain makes moving around extremely exhausting. On top of that I have started a new relationship this year and him and I eat out all the time and when he eats I feel like I tend to copy his eating patterns. We have no diet, just eat whatever whenever we are hungry. Now I am started to see/ FEEL the food stuck to every crevice on my body. I need help. I’m not sure counting calories will be enough but some advice would really be appreciated! Can anyone relate ?


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    I can understand and relate to your story. I got to the point where I was disgusted with myself and recognized a change had to be made. I was skeptical about the whole calorie counting at first, but it does make a difference. It’s tough starting out and not seeing major results in a short time, but if you stick with it and stay motivated you will do great. Don’t give up. If you really want to make the change you’re the only one standing in your way.
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    The only way to lose weight is to eat less calories than your body burns. Weigh, measure and record everything that you eat and drink. Stay at a calorie deficit and you will lose weight. Exercise is beneficial for overall health, but not necessary for weight loss. Any additional activity will help. Because of your back pain, consult with your doctor about physical activity.
    Best of luck to you ❤️
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    For most people, counting calories is enough.

    Start logging every day for a couple weeks. You can set your goals to maintenance in the beginning if you like. Once you start to see how much you are actually eating, then you can start seeing where the easy places to swap or cut back without being overwhelmed.

    Maybe if you have an appetizer with dinner, then you only eat half the meal, or skip dessert.

    Maybe just skipping snacks between meals.

    Maybe having a light salad for lunch if you know dinner is going to be higher calorie.

    Maybe skipping or cutting back on the sweetener or cream in your coffee, cutting back the butter on veggies, or using less dressing on salads.

    Whatever fits your lifestyle best. It's not that hard to cut out a few hundred calories here and there once you realize where they are all coming from in the first place.
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    Some people can be motivated from a negative place. I am not one of them. In the past when I was disgusted I often set out on a very strict and aggressive plan that always ended up short-lived.

    I think you have gotten good suggestions already for handling the restaurant. I have 3 more to add that work for me really well:

    1) Bank calories. This may or may not be something you can do when first starting out. It requires that you have your hunger under control and you can handle eating even 100-150 less calories than goal for a few days so you can then use the banked calories later.

    2) Dampen your hunger. I personally never want to enter into a potentially higher calorie situation very hungry. You can do this at a restaurant by asking for a low calorie option to start. The mistake some people make is thinking you are stuck with appetizers or salads and salads can be deceptively high calorie if you are not careful. Do not be afraid to ask for a side item like grilled asparagus to eat first. If you do not want to add expense to the meal ask for the side you would have eaten with your entree. If you do not want to do any of the above, and some people don't, eat something like an apple long before you even get there. It does not have to be an apple but it is a popular choice because it is very portable.

    3) Do not clean your plate. This one may apply mostly to people who were raised in "clean your plate" homes. Even if the calories are listed on the menu or a website it is better to assume that the food you are eating is higher because in the US it can be 20 percent off. If my entree comes served over rice or pasta I make the choice not to eat all of it.

    If you are dating a lot during the week and these dates often involve alcoholic beverages you will have to cut way back there. I would have to let someone else give you strategies there. I decided long ago that my idea of moderation was limiting the number of times I drink (handful a year) instead of trying to fit small or low calorie options in more often. I think most people will agree that drinking too many calories is going to make any effort substantially harder.

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    Great podcast with David Goggins - inspirational story of fighting through many obstacles to achieve a goal. He struggled with weight then made a decision to change - started working out - then went through SEAL training.