I HATE weighing myself!

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I haven’t lost weight for 3 weeks, but I look & feel thinner... less bloated, more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve been taking Photos this time around (been on this journey on & off for years). I don’t have the patience to measure myself, but I can see & feel a bit of a difference. Am I crazy?! Or is the scale not always accurate?! I even bought a new , fancy one that measures fat, muscle, and a million other things... but still no progress according to that. I am frustrated. I want to see it on the scale! But it’s not happening.... should I just stop weighing myself weekly & go off of pictures & how I feel? It’s hard not to weigh in but it really sets me back & makes me miserable! I think about giving up because nothing I do is working but then I remember the pics & I do notice something working!!

Any similar experiences? I’m curious to hear what works for you. Do you find it necessary to weigh in to stay “on track”?


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    Only you know what you can or can't do.

    I accidentally spilled water on my scale and it stopped working when I was about 30 pounds away from my goal. I didn't replace it for a few months and my weight loss continued without my knowing the numbers.

    There are trade-offs either way. You'll have to decide.
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    I spoke with my doctor awhile back. Instead of relying on the scale to tell you. He mentioned that you should base it off how you feel, clothes are fitting etc.

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    When are you weighing yourself, and under what circumstances? How much do you have to lose? How tall are you?
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    @nm212 - You definitely shouldn’t get discouraged from weighing yourself. I just restarted Focus T25 workouts (3rd week in) and only began to use this app as well as another last week. I actually inched up in weight, but like you - I feel better, stronger, firmer.

    Just stay with it. Your personal data from these entries are great to have and review, but remember you’re more than a number (i.e. weight, measurements, etc.).

    Also, @denjan333 brings up a good point asking when you’re weighing yourself. To maintain consistency, try weighing yourself in the mornings after you’ve used the restroom.

    Stay motivated beautiful people! Never give up on yourself! Godspeed!
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    Just starting (again) today.... had a good day of eating thinking about what to have for dinner and hanging on by my fingernails
    I need to exercise too but I really HATE the gym ..... live in the north east so weather is always a problem but i would prefer to be outside i would love to have a buddy to walk, run, hike with but no one around me is active....
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    Ya.. Im staying away from scale just doing measurement
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    I hate weighing myself, I tend to obsess too much. As long as I’m working out, eating right and my clothes fit different then I use that.
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    My coworkers always ask me my numbers am like I don't really weight myself I know I feel thinner and look it and feel good!
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    My scale has not moved (1 lb fluctuation back and forth) for 3 months. But I had a meeting with my trainer yesterday and my Body Fat percentage is down 4%, and all other measurement areas are down at least a half inch. The scale is just one number, and it is not a good reflection of progress if you have been working on toning or growing stronger.
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    For me it's all interlinked. If I'm eating well and exercising for a few days in a row, I feel much more confident about stepping on the scale and look forward to it. The more I see the numbers going in the right direction the more regularly I step on the scale. However I do not keep scales at my house to stop my scale anxiety! I only weigh myself every few days at the gym.

    There is a machine at the gym I go to that has body fat and water weight. So sometimes if I feel I have been doing well in my diet and exercise, I can see that I'm more hydrated than I was last time and I can attribute it to that.
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    I do three things.

    1. Picture once a month in the morning before food and standing in the same place with the same clothes on (but tight fitting so I can see my stomach shrinking over time).

    2. Measure once a month. Mostly my measurements have been going down. I find it a bit hard to measure as never sure how tight I pulled the tape last time but I try to keep it loose fitting against skin.

    3. Weighing every day. I weigh in as the first thing I do in the morning after a quick visit to the loo. I zero the scale before every weigh and put a different weight on the scale and re-zero it before weighing myself. I also have my scale sitting on a brick tile I purchased from the tile shop so it doesn't swing about wildly from a non firm surface (like lino). I update my weight daily in mfp and it shows my ups and downs.
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    I have such a love/hate relationship with my scale. Sometimes it won’t move but what’s worse is the up and down. Like five pounds are always back and forth. I’m recovering from an eating disorder and I get addicted to the scale; like I feel like a gambling addict almost.

    I got a new dress yesterday and I have a gut in it and I’m super furious and then last night the scale was up four pounds and I feel like no matter what I do, I’ll never get there.

    I work an office job so it’s tough to get exercise. I’m trying out an app and sometimes when I’m getting out of control with the scale, I hide it from myself for a week.
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    So the OP doesn't want to participate in their own thread? Ok.
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    denjan333 wrote: »
    So the OP doesn't want to participate in their own thread? Ok.

    It's only been a day.
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    LyndaBSS wrote: »
    I weigh daily, first thing in the morning. It keeps me engaged in the process. My scale syncs to a trending app which syncs with mfp.

    Accepting that fluctuations and plateaus are a normal part of the process means I don't freak out when I don't see the numbers I'd like on the scale.

    I don't do pictures but I measure monthly.

    Same here on all counts, although I need to take measurements more consistently as I sometimes go a couple months between.

    For me, seeing the fluctuations and trends is more encouraging and helps me plan ahead and make proper adjustments.

    If I don't get on the scale for more than a few days in a row (and I'm not on vacation) there's only one reason: I know subconsciously that I'm not on track and I'm not going to like what I'm seeing...

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    Muscle weighs more than fat. I weigh second thing every morning, only to see if I’ve gained but not to see if I’ve lost. It helps me to keep a positive outlook on the whole process.
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    If weighing yourself is setting you back, then stop.
    You don't have to weigh yourself.
    Keep going into you like what you see in the mirror.
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    I’m another one who weighs themselves every morning. I use HappyScale (an iPhone app) to get a moving average that smooths out the fluctuations. Personally, I find this way more helpful than weighing once a week which is pretty inaccurate. You could be up for any number of reasons. Weighing daily gives you a better picture of what your actual weight is. Plus, it helps me understand my weight fluctuations better so I don’t totally freak out every time the scale goes up.

    That said, if the scale is upsetting to you then there are plenty of other ways to measure your progress. Pictures, measurements, how your clothes fit. So if it’s better for your mental health then throw the scale away and measure your success in another way.