Mom of three needing accountability friends

Hi! I had my first daughter in 2012. After that, and the addition of her two siblings, I’ve never been able to get a handle on my weight and I’m now the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’m ready to tackle this and reclaim myself. I’d like to see where I am in April as a big goal. I’d love some other mom friends on here to help each other out! ❤️


  • Pepsab
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    Hey I'm back after being on here tracking on and off for years. My youngest is 8. I'll add you 😁
  • emspence14
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    Pepsab wrote: »
    Hey I'm back after being on here tracking on and off for years. My youngest is 8. I'll add you 😁

    Sounds good!! The extra support is helpful! :)
  • Chris_J99
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    My youngest is 20. I lost weight when he was about 1 but it has crept back on. My great nephew is now 1 and it’s the right time for me to sort out my weight. Those extra pounds have got to go! 😊😊💪🏼
  • Hates2run
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    My eldest is 13. Gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy with her and 20 pounds with my second pregnancy.
    Feel free to add me. Would love some mom friends to help each other.
  • ShawnaE10123
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    I'm a mama of 3 too! 2 boys aged 4yrs and 8weeks old and 1 girl who will be 2 this month! Feel free to add me. The day I went in for my c-section (Aug 23 2019) I was 232.0lbs and today I am 194.8lbs. I was 220.0lbs pre-pregnancy so it feels pretty good to be under that! I have a long way to go tho. I'm on here everyday for motivation :)
  • samismith4785
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    I'm a mom of 2, 13 and almost 10. Struggled with my weight for too long and starting over again
  • TamsinVerity
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    I've got 4, smallest just 4 months so time to get back in shape after 10 years pregnant and breastfeeding! I'm exclusively breastfeeding littlest right now so get an amazing amount of calories to try to eat. Hoping logging everything will reduce my cake input, at least...
  • laceydokkenproctor
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    I would love to have a support group too! I have two littles: 5 yr old boy, 3 year old girl. This month is the first time I have gotten serious about natural weight loss. (Without our some sort of gimmick...) Everyone please add me: let’s do this! 😊