4 mo post partum! Ready to drop the weight!

Whew! Having babies throws you for a loop am I right?!


  • BtheKey
    BtheKey Posts: 8 Member
    I had twins in February and I'm still trying to recover from all the weight gain and complications. Babies put our bodies through so much 😫.
  • coffeesunrise
    coffeesunrise Posts: 12 Member
    Im 12 months post partum number 4, looking to lose the weight!!
  • 2kidsenoughsaid
    2kidsenoughsaid Posts: 2 Member
    Twins!!!! Wow oh wow! I’m 5 feet tall and normally around 100 IBs. So I’m a very petite woman... and I had an 8.5 pound baby! I was as big as a house. I’m not even sure I could carry twins 😂 my hat is off to you Mama!
    And yes !!! The baby weight! I’m so proud of my babies and I love them with every fiber of my being but it’s certainly an adjustment getting used to my new bod. Just trying to get as fit and healthy as I can be in my new skin! ( my very weird skin 😜)
  • shellJenell
    shellJenell Posts: 5 Member
    Yeah had three kids and it is hard to get that baby weight off! Now that my baby is 22 tho, I figure it is time to start! LOL!!! Go get em girls... get it off now. You will be happy you did. I was not so bad I couldn't be pretty active with the kids I was just not as active with them as I would have liked. Part of that was working too much, but I was out of shape and that sucked. So stick with it, support each other and keep going. :)