New member .... hi ☺️

Signed up to the free trial ... already seeing results and impressed with what I’m seeing from the app so far.


  • HarveysBud
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    It's a really good App. Keeps you honest. I've been way more successful since I started pre-logging my daily meals. Lets me know if I can have a beer or two too :)
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    Hello :-)
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    Hello and welcome. It's great that you are seeing results. Stick with it and good luck on your journey
  • RamblinMan2
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    Welcome to MFP! Keep your eyes on the prize, stay consistent and be persistent and you'll do great!
  • NourahKadri
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  • Sup sup. Back after a life reset. New life/new wife! Focusing on getting my gurl ready for her first comp next year. Great to have a partner that enjoys the gym as much as I do! On here to help me cut as well over the winter. Looking forward to reading everyone’s progress. Good luck everyone! :)
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    Welcome to the community! Good luck!
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    Welcome and good luck.
  • sr2587
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    I love how you can track all your calories against your goals! Welcome! I’m glad you’re here!
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    Welcome! Using MFP had made such a difference for me and the community is awesome
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  • RamblinMan2
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    Hello and welcome to MFP! Congrats on your quick success and good luck here on!

    MFP has got a lot of good data and some neat options; be sure to check out both the app and the online site because they each offer some different features and ways to do things.

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    Hi Tracey! I’m new too. Hope you are well! 👊
  • welshgirl45
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    I started 2 days ago after a break of 3 years. Would love friends so please feel free to add me.;)
    I live in Wales
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    Feel free to add me. My username is jackedjaquar
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    Hi ,
    I’m new too :)
    Hope you’re ok ;)
    Feel free to add me .
  • aracely2224
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    Welcome! MFP has helped me achieve my goals with the calorie count. I’m cheering for you!

    You can do it! 🌺
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    it's a great app and has the best users, feel free to connect and WELCOME