Best shoes for plantar fasciitis and a lot of walking

I know this gets posted quite a bit but looking for current recommendations. I have plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. I pretty much only wear Birkenstock’s but can’t walk for a long period of time with them.

Friends invited me on a Orlando vacation for 5 days with minimal expenses, yay me! I was so excited I immediately said yes and booked my flight forgetting the fact that I can barely walk. Luckily we aren’t going to any of the parks but will be going to Disney Springs and other places that require a lot of walking. I’m seriously thinking of canceling because I know I won’t be able to keep up and will be in a lot of pain.

If I actually go, any recommendations on shoes?


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    my husb went to foot doctor and got good insoles and had to take shots. He put him on Nubalance 608 tennis shoes. I got a touch of plantar fascitus and I always get nubalance shoes. Neither of us have it now. He also later got those $50 insoles at Walmart and they were just as good (they had a machine to stand on and told you what to get)
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    Someone else with my foot issues - I practically feel like a sibling!

    You can't go wrong with New Balance. For a casual Orlando vaca, I'd look into the New Balance w1540vs or ww928, a walking shoe specifically for plantar f. issues.

    Brooks is another company that makes lots of different models of shoes for plantar f issues.

    Between New Balance and Brooks you can definitely find what you're looking for.

    I've been wearing New Balance MW928's for well over a decade & it's really helped a lot. Every time I change into some other shoe, it feels like it lacks the support I need & I get foot and ankle issues.
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    New Balance has been great for my former plantar fasciitis. in fact, no symptoms at all since I started running in NB. They are cushy and wonderful.
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    I have chronic plantar fasciitis. I used to always wear New Balance but right now I love my Brooks. I also have inserts from a podiatrist and do lots of stretching and foam rolling.
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    Try these. They didn’t work for my husband but they were an absolute godsend for me. There’s a number of different brands. They are ankle height socks that gently squeeze the middle of your foot and heel. A doctor recommended them.
  • Try these. They didn’t work for my husband but they were an absolute godsend for me. There’s a number of different brands. They are ankle height socks that gently squeeze the middle of your foot and heel. A doctor recommended them.

    Thanks. I’ve tried those socks but since I also have achilles tendinitis they are too tight around my achilles and cause pain. I’m just a mess!
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    I went to a podiatrist and was custom fit for inserts which I wear namely with shoes that have little support (ie dress shoes, etc) and they helped immensely. I recently was fitted for some Brooks Ghost shoes that I wear most of the time now and they have quite a bit of support and I've found I don't really need my inserts in those.
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    I can't wear New Balance at all.

    I recommend a trip to a running store to discuss your feet and get properly fitted.

    It will depend on your toe box, arch height, width (both overall and on different parts of your foot), plus other foot issues.

    I have wider toes, need extra toe height, narrow heels, high arches, plantar fasciitis, short Achilles tendons - which have torn off the bottom of my foot in the past, minor bunions, blocked sweat glands that cause serious callouses and require lots of air flow/wicking, and a neutral foot position and gait.

    For me, I have reduced foot pain considerably with Alta shoes, Curex insoles, and larger size diabetic socks that wick well and don't bind. It took a lot of missteps to arrive at this combo!

    Good luck!
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    Learn how to tape your feet. I had to do this for well over a year. It worked for me and you'll learn how to find the sweetspot with just the correct amount of tension and it relieves so much of the pain so you can actually walk. There are videos out there and you can go to your doctor, they'll teach you, too. I used that white athletic tape but you can use KT Tape, too.

    I found the athletic tape to be the easiest and cheapest way to go. I'd tape my feet, put on my socks and my Keen shoes with some therapeutic insoles and away I'd go. I worked up to 5-6 miles aday and kept going. I don't need the tape anymore and my feet recovered after the weight was gone.
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    I had it for a long while and I am a runner. I already had custom orthotics because I heavily pronate and have flat feet. I ended up searching and find Asics Gel Kayanos (25 is my current version) and they made a huge difference. I also started yoga and that downward dog stretch to the Achilles seemed to really help. It went away and has not returned. Good luck. I hope you can solve your dilemma and have a fun trip.
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    I bought $40 insoles from my podiatrist. For me, it was insoles not shoes that made a difference. There are lot of good stretches you can look up or ask your doctor about but it also makes a difference.

    A couple other things I do not related to insoles, I take collagen peptides everyday and while it took a few months to see the benefit it’s really helping. I’ve also done a Whole 30 - not for weight loss but by my doctors advice for some other health issues and eliminating foods that cause extra inflammation really did reduce pain related to plantar fasciitis and knee pain.

    Start of 2019 I could not even get out of bed without extreme foot pain and now I walk a half hour minim daily plus I’m training for a 5k. My foot pain is at 2 on its worst days. Sometimes it’s takes time and patience but it can get better. Good luck !!!
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    I have had plantar fasciitis twice and the absolute best thing you can do for it is rest. As little weight bearing activity as possible. That said, I'd hate to give up a fun vacation. I tried every remedy and eventually had the shots. I would say that if you're absolutely going to go through with this, get good shoes, inserts if they'll help, do the PT exercises recommended, and walk as little as possible, even if it means being separated from the group for parts of your day. I learned the hard way that not only is rest the best cure, weight bearing activity will exacerbate the problem and you're just delaying your recovery (sometimes by months). I started running because my foot was getting better and ended up stopping for even longer, and with more pain than I had experienced in months of my recovery. I hope you don't have to cancel your trip, but if you do, you can do it knowing that you're doing your foot a favor.
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    New Balance
    Superfeet inserts added to these
    Vionic slippers whenever indoors, doing housework, cooking, etc - provides ongoing good arch support even when you are out of your walking shoes
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    I have had it for years and I wear prescription orthotics, which generally have done a great job no matter what shoes I'm wearing. I do prefer New Balance for long walks, though. BTW, I have Birkenstocks, but I have found they are not good for plantar fasciitis at all. I have had the various kinds of shots, but they have never worked for me.

    Recently, I had a bad flareup of pain right at the tip of my heel. I had tried OTC heel pads, but they didn't help much. My podiatrist prescribed the heel cups linked. They look weird, but they are amazing. The flareup is over, but I still wear them. They do take up a fair amount of room at the heel of your shoe.

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    go watch bob and brad on you tube. They are physical therapists. They show you a few techniques like taping for plantar fasciitis that is supposed to work. I had plantar fasciitis in the right foot and the left foot and numerous other foot problems like arthritis and a claw toe. I had a heck of time finding good shoes and tried several. Right now I am wearing a mesh shoe that is actually pretty comfortable.